M & M’S opens a new flagship store in Berlin and its first coffee

Design and sights of the new M & M’S flagship inspired by the peculiarities of the city, such as the Wall and the Spätkauf

The new M & M’S flagship store is located on the famous Kurfürstendamm shopping street in Berlin, the first to open in mainland Europe. If until now European citizens could have fun in historic London, with Brexit and the slow resumption of international travel, M & M’S decided to approach them with a new 3,000-square-foot location offering, next to chocolate-colored confetti, special experiences created around them. This is the third flagship store that Mars Wrigley opened this year, a sign of the importance for the brand of the experiential dimension and the fun in relation to the fans.

The store features a playful and colorful design, houses the first M & M’S Café where you can order drinks, cookies and ice cream based on M & M’S, a karaoke garden, obviously popular with the locals, a graffiti inspired by the Wall of Veros , city tax and selfies background, and an I <3 Spati Shop where you can buy commercial products, again an idea inspired by the local Spätkauf, the neighborhood shops open late and the holidays in Germany can only take place found here.

“People want fun and entertainment from their favorite brands and M&M is able to offer them like no other food brand,” explains Carsten Simon, CEO of Mars Wrigley Germany.

The regular round characters in full size, the colorful “Wall of Chocolate”, a private terrace and a corner where you can customize your shopping are not missing.

“M & M’S believes in a world that everyone feels they belong to and as a brand we believe that fun is the most powerful way to connect with others,” said Heike Lommatzsch, Managing Director of Chocolate and Ice Cream for Germany. “The new store in Berlin brings this purpose to life through images, graphics and language and conveys the idea that together we have more fun celebrating individuality together.”

Those who can not visit the store can still take a look at the site MMS.com allowing you to make a virtual visit.

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