Majorettes FANTASY by the 2021 World Champions – Přerov

The huge dream of Přerov’s majorettes has come true. Last week, from October 21 to 23, the World Championships and Majorette World Championships were held in Prague at the Královka Sports Hall. The three-day competition was attended not only by cheerleaders from the Czech Republic, but also by representatives from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Russia. Fantasy has been nominated 11 times in total based on excellent placements from MČR 2021. On Thursday, October 21, 2021, Kateřina Valentová was the only Fantasy representative to participate in the second year of the 2nd World Cup for Cheerleaders, where she placed 4th in the beautiful senior solo category with stick equipment. From Friday to Saturday 22 – 23 October 2021 took place the 8th year of the Majorettes Sport World Championship, where a total of 10 formations of Přerov girls in the category of cadets, juniors and seniors with pompom and stick equipment fought.

How did the girls integrate?

1st place and the title of World Champion – Adéla Ministrová – cadet pompom solo

1st place and the title of World Champion – Adéla Kristova, Kateřina Šindarová, Tereza Ledvinová, Diana Janáková, Markéta Ševčíková, Rozálie Kašparová – mini-pompon junior

2nd place and title of 1st vice-world champion – Adéla Krmelová, Barbora Lukešová, Natálie Petrová, Tereza Šaratová, Barbora Ludmilová, Nela Nevřalová – senior mini-pompon

3rd place and title of 2nd vice-world champion – Adéla Ministrová, Nela Radová, Tereza Zbožínková, Klára Zbožínková, Anna Ondřejová – miniformation of pompon cadets

3rd place and title 2nd Vice-World Champion – AVATAR Group – senior pompon composed of Adéla Kristová, Adéla Krmelová, Adéla Langová, Anna Frydrýšková, Barbora Lukešová, Barbora Ludmilová, Barbora Poláková, Diana Janáková, Kateřina OndřejovŠá Rozalie Kasparova, Tereza Saratova, Tereza Ledvinova.

5th place – Barbora Lukešová – senior solo pompom

5th place – Barbora Lukešová and Natálie Petrová – senior pompon duo

6th place – VENICE group – senior stick made up of Agáta Chmelařová, Andrea Dokoupilová, Dominika Filipová, Anna Marie Horká, Kateřina Valentová, Kateřina Ondřejová, Anna Frydrýšková, Barbora Lukešová, Barbora Poláková, Natálie Kovakovávárika, Lucovela, Novakovela, Novakovela, Novakovela, Novakovela , Klára Herzogová.

7th place – Kateřina Valentová, Agáta Chmelařová, Lucie Laitochová, Klára Nováková, Anna Frydrýšková, Dominika Filipová, Andrea Dokoupilová – senior miniformation stick

9th place – Rozálie Kašparová – junior pompom solo

A big thumbs up to all the participating fantasy majorettes, a big thank you for the great performance of their team and the town of Přerov.

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