Marek Tesař: Tour de France, yellow on gold

With this step, Škoda cleverly expanded its sponsorship portfolio, adding cycling to motoring and ice hockey, which was relevant for a few European countries, at that time mainly for the west and south of our continent.

This yellow gem is broadcast in 190 countries around the world and statistics speak of more than three billion followers. It is matched only by the football or cricket World Cup and the Olympic Games. But the Tour is there every year and is getting stronger. Raison? Creation of a television product applied precisely by all televisions in the world. A sports drama of modern gladiators and at the same time an attractive bedecre. Quality also plays a key role in reach in the digital world. Dope sinner, superstar Lance Armstrong also played a vital role. He has been significantly involved in the global reach of cycling in general, but especially the Tour. His seven consecutive victories captured the attention of almost the whole world, even beyond the borders of the sport.

The French know that they must continue to move the product. Evidenced by the fact that they regularly start their race outside France, since 1954, when they left Amsterdam. This is also demonstrated by the L`Etape format (race for amateurs), which is already present in 25 countries around the world, including a successful edition in the Czech Republic. Exemplary brand creation!

Let’s go back to Škodovka, which on July 1 sent a fleet of two hundred cars to the 110th edition, its twentieth. I can’t imagine a better platform to introduce new models of electric mobility worldwide. Director Prudhomme’s red Enyaq iV is one of the main characters at the twenty-one-day bike show every year. Škoda is also strengthening its presentation through the global platform We Love Cycling, and the switch from the white jersey to the green sprinter’s jersey, as it was often worn by a star of the first magnitude, the Slovak showman Petr Sagan, worked well during his. I also admire the tradition of producing the trophy, which is created by its top designers together with the Czech Lasvit.

I wonder if Škoda will continue on this path, or if after twenty years it will be surprisingly replaced in the peloton, as was the case with Fiat in 2004. I believe that the potential of this partnership has not yet been exhausted. Personally, I would like a sequel, because it makes me a little happy.

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