Meet Marie Ebbeke, 55, one of Sweden’s best weightlifters

The 55-year-old Sölves citizen has had a stellar career as a veteran competitor in the sport of powerlifting, which includes deadlifts, squats and bench presses.

It wasn’t until she was 45 that Marie Ebbeke started working out in a gym and she credits much of her success to her children.

– When the teenagers in the family started going to the gym, I was inspired and did the same. Little by little, I started moving to free weights and in 2016, I started competing in powerlifting, she says.

Several gold medals on the list

At her first World Championship for Veterans in Powerlifting in 2016, she won the first of a total of seven World Championship gold medals. In addition to this, she owns eight different Swedish records and won, among others, a silver medal at the European Championships in Hungary in 2019.

On Friday, the first competition of the year awaits Marie Ebbeke at Veteran SM in Malmö.

– I’m excited and I think it will be fun to compete this year, she said.

I took money

SVT joins Marie Ebbeke as she returns home from Veteran SM.

– I took some money. It was a lot of fun, she said.

The results that gave him second place were 130 kg in the squat, 55 kg in the bench press and 152.5 kg in the deadlift.

– It was the first competition this year and it’s far from my personal best, but now I’m on my way back, says Marie Ebbeke.

Listen to Marie Ebbeke say more in the clip above.

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