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The big day has arrived: today, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” are released in theaters.

Two of the summer’s most anticipated films collide in a pink explosion – Greta Gerwig’s plastic comedy and Christopher Nolan’s dark drama have nothing in common on the surface, except that they’ve both been lifted to heaven thanks to their fantastic directors and solid casts.

Sure, ‘Barbie’ got off to a soft start and hit Swedish cinema screens on Wednesday…but there are still fans who saved up the candy to do a double bill with ‘Oppenheimer’ this weekend!

We spoke to two MovieZine readers who charge for a “Barbenheimer” experience.

“It was more of a coincidence”

Claes, 45, from Stockholm, bids “Barbie” with her mother before watching “Oppenheimer” with a friend. Expectations only grew ahead of the big day of the premiere.

So you drive a Barbenheimer, both movies on the same day. How is?

– Yes, I drive a Barbenheimer, but maybe that’s more of a coincidence. I often try to watch movies I’ve been looking forward to very close to their release date to avoid spoilers. “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” are the big movies of the summer that I was looking forward to, so it was almost easier to pick them up on the same day and be done with it.

What are your expectations for each film?

– From what little I’ve seen of “Barbie”, it definitely looks like a movie I’m going to love. With “Oppenheimer”, I have expectations mainly because Nolan is behind it. Many of his films are some of my favorites and he’s got a dream cast, so expectations are automatically high.

The important question, what order did you choose? How did you plan your day?

– I will see “Barbie” first in Saga with my mother, so it will be a matinee. Then after possibly a dinner with mom, which should not last more than 1h30, it will be “Oppenheimer” in Sture with one of the best friends of cinema in the world, Sofia. The film ends around 9 p.m., so there could be some talk about the film afterward.

What is your favorite Gerwig or Nolan movie?

– God, so hard. From Gerwig, I find it hard to choose between “Lady Bird” and “Young Women”, but I think “Young Women” is probably more pointed.

– Choosing a Christopher Nolan favorite is like killing your darlings. I really like the Batman movies he made and I love “Inception” and “Interstellar”… but the favorite is still a modern classic: “Memento”.

“How many times are there premieres of two great directors on the same day?”

Nolan’s fan Nicholas, 24, from Solna, also chooses to see “Barbie” first before ending the day with “Oppenheimer.” Filming the two films on the same day was obvious to him:

– When I found out they were going to premiere on the same day, I really hoped they wouldn’t change the dates! How many times are there premieres of two great directors on the same day?

Tell me, how did you plan the day? What movie do you watch first?

– I’m going with two friends who are also big movie buffs, like me! We start late afternoon with “Barbie”, have dinner and end late with “Oppenheimer” at IMAX.

Do you all go there with a particular outfit? Pink? Or maybe a 1940s hat?

– The goal is to have something pink and dark in the colors!

Who is the favorite if you have to choose between Nolan and Gerwig?

– Nolan is of course the favorite because there is no one like him, but I think Gerwig has made very good films. I LOVE “Young Women”!

So what are your expectations for these two films?

– I think both films will be different from expectations. I have no idea what will happen on screen. But what could go wrong?

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