Men only sector? CT summer school for high school students takes place at CTU

“As part of the summer school program, the girls are familiar with many areas of computer science and find for themselves that computer science is not just boring to sit at the computer,” say CTU representatives.

During the weekly program, they will learn the basics of programming (called IoT, CSS, JavaScript, HTML), robotics and vector graphics. After four days of intensive training, participants will have a final all-day hackathon, during which they will work on their own projects.

The whole event, which took place between July 12 and 16, ie during the holidays, will culminate in a festive evening at the Rectorate of CTU, where participants will present their work and knowledge to a panel of experts.

Women often do not trust each other unnecessarily

“It has long been said that the IT world is just a male sector. Nevertheless, many women in this field do not trust each other. That’s why we want girls to know that computer science is not just about programming and our summer school is to show them that computer science is an area that can offer them an interesting application. “Girls do not have to be afraid to apply for IT, even if, for example, their environment discourages them from doing so,” said Tereza Nedjalková of Czechitas, a non-profit educational organization.

This is also confirmed by one of the participants, Eliška, who is already studying at the School of Information Technology at CTU. “My mother tried to persuade me to go to medical school, and she almost succeeded, but I finally realized that I would not like biology as much as computer science,” she said.

Work in laboratories

The girls will also try to work in the laboratories of the mentioned school, where they will meet, for example, humanoid robots.

“We are happy that this summer school for girls is taking place at our school. Thanks to this fact, many girls will discover that their future lies in computer science and they will apply to us. On average, 15 percent of girls are currently studying at the FIT CTU. I am glad that these events take place, because thanks to them, girls are not afraid of technical education and more and more of them choose computer science as their field of study. The school also offers training to beginners, who will become IT experts upon graduation, “said Josef Kolář, Vice Rector for External Relations.

The Summer School of Informatics is designed as a weekly camp with a fixed schedule from 8:30 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. The main program takes place in FIT computer rooms, the evening program is mainly intended for trips to partner companies.

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