Men’s handball league: 5 unknown signings

Alfred Ehn. Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson/Bildbyrån.

There are some star recruits in the Handball League. But which players have been recruited a little discreetly and nevertheless have the ability to succeed this year?

These can be players in positions that teams really needed, players whose moves haven’t been widely publicized, or simply underrated players.

Erik Ostling, Amo HK

He didn’t show much at the top level in Sweden before he left to play abroad, but reports indicate that Östling is better than ever. The Italian league is better than many in Sweden think and there the middle six players were one of the best players. Here, Amo may have made a real deal in a position where they need to get stronger.

Erik Ostling.
Photo (archive): Christoffer Borg Mattisson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 261

Oskar Joelsson, Ystads IF

A bit forgotten among all the other strong new signings ahead of this season, but everyone knows what Oskar Joelsson can do. The top level is brutal and, as I have said many times before, it reminds me of young Simon Jeppsson. Joelsson is now moving to a bigger club and will therefore have, given the players he has around him, more space. If things go well for Joelsson and YIF, he could very well find himself in the top three in the shooting league this year.

Oskar Joelsson. Photo: Jörgen Jarnberger/Bildbyrån.

Simon Larsson, Hong Kong from Önnered

A hugely exciting and interesting player who was very dominant in the Allsvenskan with Kärra. Now, of course, it will be much harder to dominate, and not just because it’s a Handball League game. The competition is of course tougher at ÖHK, but I think Larsson can already make a good impression this year.

Simon Larson. Photo by: Marek Hom.

Martin Blomqvist, Hong Kong Malmo

A two-way player who has impressed greatly in the Allsvenskan for several seasons, this looks like a perfect new acquisition for an HK Malmö side who need something new on the left nine following the departure of Anton Blickhammar. Blomqvist is first and foremost a goalscorer with a nice sturdy shot. I think he will have an impact right away when he enters the playoff system.

Martin Blomqvist
Picture from: HK Malmö

Alfred Ehn, Hong Kong from Önnered

Which other Handball League team has had such a strong reserve in recent seasons as IFK Kristianstad? Nothing. Alfred Ehn is a starter in almost every team in the handball league, but in fire yellow he had to stand behind Emil Frend Öfors. Now it will be a starting place supposedly given to Önnered and Ehn does better in the ÖHK courses in this position (although Andreas Berg in his best moments holds great class).

Alfred Ehn. Photo (file): Avdo Bilkanovic/Bildbyrån.

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