Mercedes GLE 300 d, new 4Matic and second generation mild hybrid

Improve the efficiency and the 4Matic traction model, Mercedes GLE 300 d and its GLE Coupé version. Already controllable, it is preparing to land in the concessions, where it will offer the formula of 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel enginel, backed by 48 volt mild hybrid electrification.

Despite the mass involved, exceeding 2.1 tonnes, i declared consumption starts from 6.1 lt / 100 km in the most favorable configuration (read the most efficient plug-in hybrids that we have tested, there is also the GLE), for CO2 emissions of 160 g / km. The thrust of 272 horsepower and 550 Nm is supported by the belt-driven starter-alternator, a device developed by Mercedes, now in its second generation and capable of delivering 20 horsepower and 20 Nm of torque in pushing situations.

Mercedes GLE Coupe: foto

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, 12 months after the launch of the GLE, Mercedes presents the second generation of the GLE Coupé. Sporty tail, it will take up the challenge of the BMW X6, Audi Q8 and Porsche Cayenne Coupé. It makes its road debut in 2020 with diesel engines and AMG gasoline, pending presentation of the plug-in hybrid on the GLE and the Coupé variant.

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The advantages of the super-alternator

This is not the only mode of operation of the mild-hybrid, given the soaring engine off – with reactivation of the thermal unit it remains even more fluid – and energy recovery. Greater fluidity has also been brought to starting and stopping when the engine is reactivated.

The performances are very lively, taking into account the mission of the Mercedes GLE 300 d 4Matic: 6 “8 on zero hundred km / h, top speed 230 km / h.

2 liter engine, one of the cleanest diesel

The efficiency of the 2-liter turbo-diesel is the result of a scheme that provides an NOx catalyst running at low engine temperature, then once it reaches the operating temperature, it works best SCR treatment of NOx, thanks to two catalysts, in turn designed to operate at different temperatures, with separate injections of the additive. The DPF complements the complex exhaust gas filtration system with a particulate trap.

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4Matic traction, now up to 100%

Finally, a substantial revival is coming to the four-wheel drive line. If until now the specificity of the 4Matic system was to transfer up to 50% of the torque on one of the two axles, in a fixed ratio, the GLE 300 d 2021 benefits from a electronic control of the transfer case at the front of the pair, by means of a multi-disc clutch and with the possibility of transferring up to 100% of the newton-meters on a single axis.

The greater modularity of the distribution is also exploited in optics Torque on demand, to optimize driving dynamics, by selectively moving portions of engine torque on one of the two axles and by managing the individual wheels to correct the rotation of the car around its vertical axis.

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