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The company has now renamed its MSN and Microsoft News sites to Microsoft Start. From a technical point of view, nothing changes. Microsoft Start, like MSN News and Microsoft News, is a personalized news channel that provides users with different types of content, such as weather forecasts, sports news, and stock quotes.

The change is probably not accidental, as the company already uses the word “Start” to refer to Windows interface elements such as the Start button or the Start menu. You can access the Microsoft Start channel in several ways. First of all, it is a standalone website offered by Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers. The new name will therefore be easily remembered.

The service is also a standalone app that runs on Android and iOS devices. This feature can also be placed on Windows 10 taskbars or configured in Windows 11 as a widget. In Edge, it can also be displayed as a new tab.

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And here is a curiosity. It is not known why, but the company is not saying goodbye to the MSN name and has announced that it will continue to use it. For example, by the Web Experiences Team (WebXT) development team, which is responsible for the development of products and services such as Bing, Edge, or MSN.

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