Mikaela Shiffrin versus. Slovaks: The American won an unexpected save!

The final Alpine Skiing World Cup race in Jasná, Slovakia arouses even more emotions than a day after its end. It was enough for American Mikaela Shiffrin (25) to complain that everything was not completely kosher.

The current biggest ski star and winner of 69 world championships mentioned that before riding in the second lap she had waited an unusually long time at the start due to a repaired one of the goals. “The repair took two minutes, and it should take thirty seconds”, Mikaela wrote, among others. “Petra is a good enough skier to win these races even without such an unprofessional approach from someone else. I have no basis, but as if to say,” Petra is in charge, we are going to do something about it. get to Shiffrin’s head. “ she added.

Reply? A wave of salute, criticism and, of course, finger pointing at the excuse that the biggest favorite didn’t win. However, Shiffrin, who did not even attack the winner Vlhová, won an interesting lawyer – Slovak representative Andreas Žamp.

“I have to defend her, let’s look at the facts.” he wrote in his instagram post. In short, in five points, roughly as follows: “First of all: she never reduced Petra’s performance. Second, it is impossible for the World Cup to take ninety seconds before damage to the goal was detected. Third: everything was born out of it. ‘a lack of professionalism and an exaggerated celebration of the intermediate results. Fourth: if they noticed the damage to the goal in time, the starting interval would be perfect. And fifth, the volunteers and the organizers did a perfect job until this error. “

No wonder the American shared her contribution with thanks, pinned point number 5 and added a comment at the top. “Everyone did a really good job so let’s not throw the whole business in the trash. I can’t believe Petra won because of being late. She was the best.” However, the actions of otherwise excellent organizers at the very end did not publicize the event in Jasná very well. The taste will certainly stay there.

Mikaela Shiffrinová

Scandal in Jasná!  Did the organizers deliberately delay Shiffrin at the start?
Válka lyžařských hvězd.  Vonnová se ostře pustila do Shiffrinové!

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