Mira Sorvino Pays Tribute To Father Paul Sorvino: “My Heart Is Rent Asunder”

Mira Sorvino remembered her father Paul Sorvino today, posting a poignant message on Twitter about the actor who died at 83 today after struggling with health issues.

“My father the great Paul Sorvino has passed,” she tweeted. “My heart is rent asunder- a life of love and joy and wisdom with him is over. He was the most wonderful father. I love him so much. I’m sending you love in the stars Dad as you ascend.”

Paul Sorvino’s death was announced earlier today by his wife Dee Dee Sorvino.

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A number of Hollywood friends and colleagues responded to Mira’s tweet. Among them:“I’ll miss as Paul, Mira,” wrote Vincent D’Onofrio, his co-star in Epix’s The Godfather of Harlem. “My heart goes out to you. Your father always treated me like a younger brother. I’ll never forget Paul Sorvino.”

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“Such a great actor and by ALL accounts, a truly wonderful man,” wrote Mia Farrow.

“Mira, so sorry for your loss,” wrote Rob Reiner, whose father Carl Reiner directed the elder Sorvino in Oh, God! “Sending my love.”

“Oh Mira, I thought of you first,” said Kathy Griffin. “I know how much you loved your dear father. And he loved you so much. Sending all the condolences in the world.”

“Your father lives on through his many legendary impassioned performances,” wrote Marg Helgenberger.

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“So very sorry for your loss, Mira,” wrote Betty Buckley. “Sending deepest condolences.”

Wrote Ralph Macchio, “So very sorry, Mira. I was privileged getting to work with and know Dad a bit. Much love to you and your family.”

Rosanna Arquette, who co-starred in 1983’s Off the Wall opposite the Goodfellas star, responded, “I’m so very sorry for your loss Mira. He was a wonderful artist and a good man.”

Here’s Mira’s tweet. Click on it to read the many responses.

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