mma | Will McGregor shuffle his cards? He will come back this year, he could get a waiver

Will it get there this year? The most frequent question that has been put to the popular McGregor in recent weeks, who has been waiting to return to the battlefield for over two years. Additionally, the fact that the 35-year-old Irishman is still not enrolled in USADA’s anti-doping program, where before entering the cage, every wrestler must report for at least six months or else he has no bad luck, doesn’t matter. give many indications of a return in the near future.

So what does he want to do? An exception that can be granted by the UFC itself. And it looks like McGregor is relying on that possibility so much that he himself is considering a comeback in the final month of this year. On his social media, he even shared an allegedly leaked image from the UFC Fight Pass website, which shows the countdown to December’s UFC 296 gala in Las Vegas, which according to the graphics, should feature the battle between McGregor and Chandler. Is this an attempt to put pressure on the management of the most famous fighting organization, or is the match in fact already organized?

The recent triumph of American Sean O’Malley, who won the battle for the bantamweight title and then exchanged several messages with the famous Irishman on social media, may give a lesser indication. In short, both would love to have their match in the December tournament. “I guess his message was ‘yes’,” new champ O’Malley explained in one of the social media posts.

This blow could have consequences for the most successful Czech fighter Jiří Procházka, whose return to the cage is most likely scheduled for December, and the participation of McGregor could delay his fight to a later date or move him from the main event. from the gala night to the main pre-fight. Reason? The return of one of the most famous and greatest fighters of all time is a bigger draw for the UFC, especially in terms of revenue.

“I can’t talk about it yet, I have to rely on the UFC announcement. We have a deadline, but one wrestler kinda threw a fork at it, coming up with different storylines. We have to leave it up to the UFC. But in essence, the match has to be agreed,” Martin Karaivanov, Procházk’s trainer, told MMA show “Flight Around the World” ten days ago, apparently referring to the controversial Irishman.

Jiří Procházka expanded the coaching staff before the next fight in the UFC. He holds the arm, but he has to learn some movesVideo:

This also coincides with Procházka’s statement. “I hope we will find out in the next few days or weeks. It’s always ups and downs. It’s more or less clear, but sometimes someone waves it,” the Hostěradice native said during Friday’s camp in Brno. “I would like to say that we gave the UFC our word, and that’s true, but today, especially like this, it has to be on paper. I never take anything for granted.”

And while a few weeks ago social media was teeming with ready-made graphics of Walks’ fight with Brazilian Pereira for the UFC 296 tournament, now a collage of McGregor’s fight with Chandler at the same gala makes the round. So where is the truth and who will audiences actually see in the cage come December?

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