Monza, success for the inclusive dj set of the AutPop Festival: repeated in December

Monza. Headphones open and hands in the air. His new DJsAutoPop Festival they made Monzesi unleash, and no, after the Formula 1 Grand Prix Sunday, September 3. A dj set, their own, unique and special that led to Royal Grove of Monza true inclusion: an event where boys and girls with Down syndrome and the autistic spectrum participated, having fun but mostly entertaining their large audience with the most danceable hits of all time. Alongside them are famous professional DJs, including DJ Shorty from Radio M20.

ONE includes a DJ set under the stars he designed Facing Association And The sailboat Monza, also in collaboration with his boys OasiLab, for the purpose of promote social inclusion and celebrate diversity.

The initiative, which was highly appreciated by the public, also attracted the attention of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloniamong the guests of the Monza Grand Prix, who wanted to personally thank the “special” DJs with a letter.


“Today you are the protagonists of a very beautiful event that takes place in such an evocative setting
like that of the Monza Grand Prix Formula 1. A day full of sensations you say
your extraordinary passion for the world of music and you have the opportunity to showcase yours
talent – is read – I imagine how exciting it can be to perform together with the best Italian DJs, whom I thank and appreciate for their enthusiastic participation. Apart from the love of this activity, being a good DJ requires dedication, study, the ability to learn techniques and little tricks and a special sensitivity to understand, for example, which are the right songs to listen to in certain moments or situations. the tastes of the public are sensed. It’s not that kind of talent
it’s easy to find, it’s for the few, so be proud of it and take great care of it.”

And he adds: “I congratulate Matteo Perego and the “Facciavista” association for thinking about e
created the “AutoPop Festival”, this wonderful initiative that combines artistry, professionalism,
fun and sociability, proving that there are no obstacles to carrying out this and other activities
for those who love them”


“Honestly, we didn’t expect such success either.” These are his words Melissa La Scalahis wife Matthew Peregoof the Visovista club, still disbelieving the positive path the AutPop Festival is dragging behind it two days after the event.

“We are happy and proud because our goal was to normalize diversity and we did it. We brought inclusion to the streets, everyone had fun, especially our kids who were able to try their hand at a real job, that of DJs.” ends up.

The success was such that the AutPop Festival will make the people of Monza go crazy, in December, in the center of Monza. At the moment, the details are still to be determined, but Melissa La Scala is waiting for us: “Our idea is to continue to offer the comprehensive DJ set twice a year, during the Grand Prix and then in a central area of ​​Monza, during the festive period”.

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