Earlier in August, it was reported that the Uppsala region had discovered the first cases in Sweden of a new delta variant of the coronavirus with an additional mutation called E484Q.

Reports now Today’s Medicine that the Swedish Public Health Agency has identified further cases in Sweden.

Jon Pelling, press secretary at the Swedish Public Health Agency, states in an email to the newspaper that, in addition to the already reported cases from Uppsala, the service knows ten cases in Sweden of the delta variant with the mutation. Most cases must have been discovered after a stay in another country.

Jon Pelling tells the paper that it is currently unclear whether the delta virus with the E484Q mutation differs in disease spread and morbidity from delta variants without the mutation.

In addition to these ten cases, the Uppsala region has now received a total of 13 confirmed cases.

– We now have four chains of infection that we are working with and we expect confirmed cases to double soon as we await a response regarding another 13 people who we strongly suspect are the same mutation, said Mats Martinell, medical officer in charge on the sampling unit of the University Hospital, to Dagens Medicin.

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