More than half of those working in stores want to quit.

More than one in two workers in retail services have considered quitting their job in the past year. The exact figure, which comes from a survey commissioned by Quinyx, is 53%. The main reason is related to the work environment. 37% of retail employees say this is the reason they considered quitting.

Another problem in retail is the lack of staff. In this survey, more people noticed a shortage of staff in retail than in other industries where service staff work. 33%, compared to 28% overall for all industries of trade, warehousing, logistics, hotels and restaurants. 38% of those working in retail respond in the survey that understaffing triggers work-related stress.

Of all those who responded to the survey, just over half, 54%, think their employer values ​​their work. Almost one in three, 29%, think they would be more engaged in their work if they were shown more appreciation, and this would also be a common reason for considering quitting.

About the survey

The survey was conducted through questions with 1,100 people employed as service personnel in trade, warehouse and logistics as well as in hotels and restaurants, on behalf of Quinyx, a company active in AI-based planning.

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