Namibia announce surprise T20 World Cup victory over Netherlands to boost qualifying hopes

Sussex multi-level player David Weisse’s winning heats led Namibia to a six-time victory over the Netherlands, putting an end to the Dutch’s hopes of qualifying for the T20 World Cup.

Both teams suffered heavy losses in the opener, making this victory crucial to qualifying for the Super 12 stage, and it was the African nation that came out of Feeze’s thrilling pursuit.

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The 36-year-old has scored 66 unbeaten goals, including five of six and four, to allow his side to clear 165 goals in Abu Dhabi.

Wiese qualified to play for Namibia because his father was born there. This is the second FIS World Cup after representing South Africa five years ago at the T20 World Cup.

“It just occurred to us then [feels] It’s pretty cool, Wiese said, honestly. “It means a lot to me, it’s something special in the International World Cup, and with a great performance for Namibia I’m happy to have the opportunity to play international cricket.”

Holland had previously scored 164-4, opening Max O’Dowd in curling for all but three balls, where his 70 hits made up the majority of the total.

Wiese played a role in the final round of the final round and also scored the main goal for former Titan teammate Roelof Van Der Merwe while Colin Ackermann (35) and Scott Edwards helped boost the score.

After nine tries, Namibia’s response was not quick, Wiese cooled off and 113 still needed 10 more. But he sided with captain Gerhard Erasmus on the podium of 82, sending people like Van der Merwe and Ackermann to different places, shaking things up.

Fred Claassen has only completed a good period 14 times, leaving 15 more in the last two games, but Logan van der Beek has failed to live up to that level of control, allowing the Africans to move past the streak. with six balloons in reserve.

“Namibia played well but not so well and we were inferior,” said Dutch captain Peter Sellar, adding that his team’s performance was “not good enough”.

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