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The irresistible aroma of pizza, the enchanting panorama of the Gulf of Naples and a lot of music. The Neapolitan festival dedicated to the celebration and promotion of the dish that is the symbol of Italianness in the world is finally starting again. It will be performed by June 17 to 26 in its wonderful and evocative setting Lungomare Caracciolo of Naples moving, as always, from his presence the most famous pizzerias in the world.

It is celebrated tenth edition and, for the occasion, the capital of Campania will host the biggest international pizza chefs who will enliven the city daily from 18 to 24 in a stunning village of 30,000 square meters in which they will mix taste, lights and sounds of joy. Launched in Las Vegas as the “best food festival in the world”, the Napoli Pizza Village each year is able to narrate, with great events, the product, the craftsmen and the production chain, spreading its culture and traditions.

The record version was that of 2019, with over 1,000,000 visitors and 131,000 baked pizzas… What will 2022 be like?

The sponsor of the event and the organized actions

For this edition, the official sponsor of the event will be Ooni pizza ovens, a Scottish company leading in the design, production and sale of outdoor pizza ovens led by Kristian Tapaninhao and Darina Garland. A bond born of the company’s ability to establish itself as a reference point for all white art lovers who love to make homemade pizza.

Naples Pizza Village

On the occasion of the event, the Scottish company leader in the design, production and sale of pizza ovens led by Kristian Tapaninhao and Darina Garland will host at its stand all those who want to try their hand at making pizza, from baking to cooking in extremely powerful ovens, famous for cooking pizza in just 60 seconds thanks to temperatures up to 500 °. Activities organized by Ooni will be divided into hourly slots lasting 25 minutes each: 2 every hour for 10 days, during which a group of ambassadors and pizza chefs will be present to support guests during the activities.

The amateur pizza championship

The Ooni Pizza Ovens will also support the Amateur Pizza Tournament in the village: a starting point for a fair comparison in a context of fun, simplicity and friendship that has always distinguished the pizza profession. The fans will be able to competeallowing himself to be guided in creation by his own taste and imagination.

An initiative that is perfectly in line with the Ooni campaign entitled Make pizzadesigned to entice all lovers of the world of white art to engage in the preparation of the symbolic dish of our country, with the aim of creating indelible memories and creating moments of maximum fun with loved ones.

Napoli pizza village

Napoli Pizza Village: 10 days to celebrate χρόνια 10 years

The program is really rich:

10 nights with 10 free performances
10 days of daily reporting of the event, the city and its protagonists live on radio / television with RTL 102.5, the first radio in Italy and official media partner
10 categories of the Pizzaiuolo – Caputo Trophy World Championship Final
10 nights of press conferences and great tastings at the brand new Pizza Tales Area | Tales of Pizza
10 free Master Class nights
10 nights of activities for the little ones: thematic workshops on food education, history, culture and traditions

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