Netflix offers Czech UFO series

The mini-series was developed and filmed for about a year, the following year it took editing and post-production with a number of animations. In addition to the creative duo Petr Vachler – Jan Stehlík, director Vojtěch Filčev and 3D animators and artists Dalibor Cee, Dan Stanchev, Marek Náprstek, Ladislav Rejkuba, editor Petr Svoboda and others also helped.

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified Documentary Mini-Series

Photo: Netflix

Vachler claims to have encountered the UFO phenomenon in person: “We have been producing programs for world television for several years, for example, we have done a cycle on architecture or the mysteries of the world. The last one, about UFOs, I decided to run it based on personal experience I had with a larger group of people. “

“I describe the whole story in part six, when we saw a UFO in Šumava, not far from Strakonice. It was midday, in summer, at a distance of about fifteen, maybe twenty meters. all of us who have seen the silent object, there is no doubt that there are technologies on our planet that are not ours, that is to say of terrestrial origin. “

“It was shaped like a diamond, but the edges were round, the black graphite color did not reflect anything. There was a vague structure on the surface, no sound. There was complete silence. The UFO was hanging from it. six meters above the ground and rose slowly. At a height of ten meters, it changed direction and disappeared beyond the horizon in a northeast direction. It was moving very slowly, “a describes Vachler.

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