Never too old for this digital world – Speyer

Spire Herbert Gundel is one of the founding fathers of the computer meeting under the aegis of the Spire senior offices. This one was launched 20 years ago. At 84, Gundel is still part of the team. The questions have adapted to advances in technology.

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Gundel was not originally involved with computers. “I was a mechanical engineer,” he says. But: “I already had the first PC at home in 1991.” It was huge. No comparison with those of today, which are on the other hand miniatures. The active senior helped build Speyer’s oldest digital institution.

“At the time, nobody had the Internet at home,” says Dirk Humborg. In 2015, he got involved in the IT meeting, which today bears the suffix F@irNet. The Domstadtois looked for his segment and found it by setting up a computer consultation. To date, it takes place every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

“The younger generation buys an electronic device with an ulterior motive of what they want to do with it. Old people don’t have these ideas,” Humborg points out, pointing to the lack of basic knowledge. This is exactly where he and his fellow campaigners want to put the lever. An assistant since 2017 is Gerard Ribiro. He even trained to become a digital ambassador.”I also go to people’s homes in case of problems,” he explains, explaining the difference with the consultation hours, which seniors can come with a smartphone, tablet or a laptop Establishing WLAN connections or solving printer problems – it does not work in the office of the elderly.

Humborg and Ribiro are very involved. One was a lecturer in automation technology, the other responsible for IT in three clinics. “When I arrived at the first clinic, there were only three computer terminals. When I left, there were over 1,000 PCs there,” says Ribiro. He noticed how difficult the older generation was with new technology. “I said: I want to help you.”

Like Humborg, he wants to pass on his knowledge and start from scratch. These are bit and bite, different inch screens, storage capacities, image processing programs or reading online newspapers. “I also offer courses on tablets when there are four participants.”

Speyer city councilor Sandra Selg (SWG) gave an insight into the work of the F@irNet team on site. “I would like this great offer to be even more widely known,” she expresses her concern as head of the digitization department. At the same time, together with the local men, she campaigns for other comrades in arms. Demand has always been high in the past – at least before the pandemic hit.

“La Résonnante has always been very orderly, but our consultation hours must be restarted because the doors had to remain closed for a long time due to the confinement”, underlines Humborg. Selg’s visit makes him even happier. The deputy praises the reliability with which the gentlemen carry out their “work”. They motivate seniors to dare to try new technology, true to the motto they themselves created: “Living actively: never too old for our digital world”.

Information: Information about the IT meeting and consultation times is available from the seniors office in Speyer, telephone 06232/14 26 61.

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