New reality shows, movies and series! What can you expect in Voyo?

Zdroj: TV Nova

Your first destination on the road for Czech movies and series, you do not have to go anywhere! This fall exclusively on Voyo: global reality show Love Island with Czech participants.

Nova Television is constantly enhancing Voyo’s video portal, whose vision is to become the leading provider of entertainment in the digital world in our country. There are two paths to this goal – one is through acquisitions and the other through its own creation. And Voyo will go for both! You can expect up to twenty new Voyo-specific formats each year. A number of original formats are currently being prepared, in which Nova collaborates with the best creators. It will be reality, crime and comedy series, true stories or dramas. Among the first forms specially prepared for Voyo is the unique reality show Love Island, a popular British show that has thrilled millions of fans around the world.

Love Island is finally coming to the Czech Republic and Slovakia! A group of young people share a villa in the Canary Islands, looking for love, flirting, building alliances, facing challenges, all in a battle for love and a wonderful victory under the supervision of TV cameras, social networks and all the fans. The band has been successfully broadcast in twenty countries around the world. Spill to participants it happens now.

Voyo will continue to boost its local content offering, with hundreds of hours of new and classic Czech movies and series from the best creators already available. And there will be more and more of them! Users can also watch successful Czech movies in recent years, such as The Last Aristocrat, The Case of the Dead Dead, Women in Temptation, Signal or indpindl 2.

In short, even fans of foreign movies and series will not come, new titles will be prepared for them every week. Fans of romantic comedies, fans of the world of science fiction or fantasy, fans of dramatic and psychological plots, action shows and often shocking true stories that you should not miss. In the field of documents, Voyo also brings exclusive content. There will also be international versions of popular reality shows, such as Australian Weddings at First Sight.

Entertainment not only during the lockout period for children of all ages will be provided by popular cartoons and fiction, Czech classics and foreign series, all in the Czech language. There are already more than two hundred of them on Voyo and they continue to grow.

The live sports broadcast and recording section is also strong on Voyo, in addition to matches and matches that can be watched on Nova Sport, fans will enjoy recording hours, special programs or live broadcasts exclusively on Voyo. These include, for example, KSW, the European Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMA).

One of the great advantages of Voyo is that viewers enjoy their favorite Nova TV shows just one week before the TV broadcast. We plan to expand this service in the near future, we are currently negotiating so that Voyo users can enjoy these favorite heroes and stories up to two weeks in advance.“, Says Silvia Majeská, director of the TV Nova program.

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