Nicola Garonne Art High School among the finalists of the Politecnico di Milano competition

The Narration “With wings of dreams” of the 5B class of the Nicola Garrone art high school in Barletta is among the finalists of the competition of the Polytecnico di Milano. PoliCultura is a project for the Italian and international schools of Politecnico di Milano that develops multimedia storytelling through the 101Storia platform.
The narration “With Wings of dreams”, available at the link, was about the relationship between reality, images and words and also boasted about the valuable contribution of the well-known sociolinguist and digital communication expert Vera Gheno.

The narration can be voted by everyone in the link

Led by Art History teachers Bianca Consiglio and Philosophy Francesca Musciagna, students at Nicola Garrone School of Art 5B pondered the images and words that shape our lives. Words and images are our connection with reality, things, facts.
The beginning of a reflection seemed necessary in the face of the tremendous impetus given by social networks and the web to the production and reception of images and words. In a few years, the exchange of words and images has become instantaneous and is not compatible with the slow time of deep thought.

The choice of the title With the wings of dreams refers to the symbolic power of visual and oral language, capable of leading man beyond reality. The introductory video tells the importance of images and words in the evolutionary history of humans. Magritte’s work The False Mirror is the film of the narrative as it represents the subjective nature of our perception of reality. The meaning and image of a rose, a flower rich in symbolic references, return to the evolution of the narrative.

Contributions by Gertrude Stein, Umberto Eco, René Magritte and Ludwig Wittgenstein selected. All four authors suggest a reflection on the relationship between reality, image and word.
Is it possible to consider them separately? What mystery binds them?

The work included the selection of phrases that indicate the power of words and images and then the development of video narratives with drawings, animations and reflections on the subject.
Participating in the games on the blackboards, which reflect the reflections of Magritte and Wittgenstein, has cultivated an atmosphere of fun and sharing that was rediscovered after two years of the pandemic.
Software for image and video editing (Photoshop, iMovie, Vistacreate, Adobe Creative Cloud Express, Uniconverter) was used to develop the narratives.

Link to the introductory video

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