Norrköping is the best sports city in Sweden in 2022

1. (9) Norrköping, 407 jury points
Place 1: 22 elements, with 46/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 1 – 2022

Double SC gold in basketball, a double a few clubs have achieved. Ebba Årsjö with three medals, including two gold at the Paralympic Games. Malin Baryard Johnsson on the Olympic gold team in show jumping, also close to an individual medal. Silver SM for Trojan rugby, Kaskad bowling and NSK squash. Classic IFK seventh in the allsvenskan and the ladies may be on their way to the same. Norrköping has breadth and depth, men and women, teams and individuals.

2. (5) Karlstad, 321 jury points
Place 1: 8 pcs, with 47/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 2 – 2022

Karlstad’s best placement in this ranking after four third places. Färjestad with a long-awaited hockey gold medal after a shock final. Checkers crossed with gold SM. Karlstapöjken Oskar Eriksson with two Olympic medals and an important role in the Edin team of Karlstad CK which won Olympic and WC gold.

3. (1) Umeå, 258 jury points
Place 1: 3 pcs, with 43/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 1 – 2018, 2020, 2021

A complete sports city with strong teams, wide width, high activity and individual stars. Team Thorén won the second consecutive SM gold medal in floorball. Umeå IK went up, Björklöven was close to it and A3 Basket reached another semi-final. Umeå elevated Jonna Sundling to this year’s big star with her Olympic gold medal.

4. (13) Malmö, 257 jury points
Place 1: 5 pcs, with 43/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 1 – 2014, 2015

SM gold, cup gold and Champions League games, both for MFF and Rosengård. Malmö is undoubtedly the best football city! Add Zlatan’s return to the top with Milan. In addition, MAI was the best athletic club in the country in 2021 and fair play tennis men won SM gold, women silver.

5. (3) Gothenburg, 250 jury points
Place 1: 2 pcs, with 43/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 1 – 2012, 2013, 2016

Gothenburg has the expanse, a huge number of teams at the highest Swedish level. But no heavy SM gold this year, the closest Häcken ladies. Gai Women’s Futsal won gold. Ullevi Athletics, IFK Gothenburg Orienteering and Påvelund Badminton are both top in the country. No less than nine championship handball players were brought up in clubs in Gothenburg, including five European champions.

6. (8) Falun, 224 jury points
Place 1: 2 pcs, with 43/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 5 – 2020

IBF Falun most floorball champion after seventh gold medal since 2013. Skövde Raven’s softball also won SM gold. Great individual successes with the gold medal in orienteering for Isac von Krusenstierna, Maja Dahlqvist’s victory in the sprint cup and the return of Jenny Rissved to the roof of the world.

7. (7) Uppsala, 209 jury points
Place 1: 3 pcs, with 39/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 2 – 2018

Olympic and world gold and world records could be celebrated in Armand Duplanti’s hometown. Louise Jannering also came home with two medals from the Tokyo Paralympics. In terms of elite in various sports, Uppsala is probably the sharpest in Sweden, but the top of the biggest team sports was missing this year. Fyrisfjädern Badminton and Upsala GK golf won SM gold.

8. (10) Luleå, 196 jury points
Place 1: 1 pc, with 37/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 7 – 2018

Very big successes in ice hockey and basketball, but not so big. Gold SM (women) and silver SM (men) for Luleå Hockey. Money also for the ladies of basketball. Paralympic silver to Ingela Lundbäck. Breakthrough for orienteer Hanna Lundberg.

9. (4) Solna, 187 jury points
Place 1: 3 pcs, with 33/50 lists
Best SBI ranking: 2 – 2013, 2014

Solna really IS AIK and it was a good AIK year with SM money for men’s football, as well as women’s bandy. AIK also has ice hockey and golf at the highest level and has moved on to SSL floorball again. Solna TK tennis won SM silver.

10. (16) Partille, 85 jury points
Place 1: -, appearing on the lists 24/50
Best SBI ranking: 1 – 2019

Sävehof back on the women’s handball throne won the 15th gold medal, the men won the regular season and did well in the European League. Jamina Roberts and Isabelle Gulldén Party girls who have distinguished themselves internationally. Team Pergamon beat the champions on the men’s side while the ladies of X-Calibur took silver.

11. (2) Örebro, 78 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 1 – 2011

Dropped from second to eleventh place after ÖSK’s exit from the Allsvenskan in football, as well as bandy’s demotion from the elite series. But also Marcus Ericsson who won the Indy 500, SM gold in American football and the top seven hockey team in the SHL.

12. (15) Piteå, 54 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 8 – 2019

The Öberg sisters, Elvira and Hanna do a lot of shopping here, where the former won two individual Olympic silver medals and a relay gold medal with Hanna, and finished second in the World Cup. Piteå Elit is strong on the ski slopes and Piteå IF remains in the women’s league.

13. (new) Kalmar, 34 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 13 – 2022

Kalmar is new to the list after a strong sporting year. FBC Kalmarsund reached the SM final in floorball for the first time, Kalmar FF had their best season in a long time and IFK Kalmar reached the women’s league.

14. (11) Stockholm, 25 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 3 – 2011

Daniel Ståhl of Spårvägen won Olympic gold in discus and silver from Simon Pettersson of Hässelby. Stockholm Exiles have won their tenth consecutive rugby gold medal. Less than Djurgården IF left the SHL.

14. (new) Helsingborg, 25 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 7 – 2012

HIF returned to Allsvenskan football. Has many high level sports, and several high level individual athletes in international contexts. For example, swimming stars Louice and Sophie Hansson.

16. (14) Halmstad, 24 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 10 – 2013

SM gold medal for Hylte/Halmstad in volleyball, both women and men. Halmstad BTK SM gold medal in table tennis. The successful duo Christian Karlsson and Mattias Falck, who won gold at the World Championships in doubles, have always had Halmstad as their training base.

16. (6) Östersund, 24 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 5 – 2018

Loses ten positions compared to last year, where the big minus is the relegation of ÖFK from the Allsvenskan. But a big success in basketball with SM money in the men’s and women’s who were close to the finals in the first season.

18. (new) Örnsköldsvik, 18 jury points
Best SBI ranking: 18 – 2022

Has a solid sporting year behind him where the sons of Örnsköldsvik Victor Hedman (Stanley Cup champion in ice hockey) and Niklas Edin (curling) are among the best in the world. Plus, an ice racing world champion to Martin Haarahiltunen.

19. (22) Kristianstad, 14 p.
Best SBI ranking: 16 – 2016

Kristianstad with its allsvenskan men’s and women’s handball teams and an ice hockey team that has established itself in the allsvenskan hockey team move up three places on the list. A city with a good level in many sports.

20. (17) Lidköping, 10 p.
Best SBI ranking: 17 – 2021

Sweden’s main bandy town at present, where Villa is the town team. Won SM Gold in Women’s, while it was Silver in Men’s after losing to Edsbyn in the final. NHL professional ice hockey Rasmus Dahlin is also from here.

21. (19) Neck, 8 p
Best SBI ranking: 19 – 2021

The ladies of Skuru won SM silver. KSSS won the sailing Allsvenskan and OK Ravinen is considered the second best orienteering club in the country. Ravinen’s Gustav Bergman also won individual silver at the World Championships and was part of the relay team that won gold.

22. (12) Jönköping, 7 p.
Best SBI ranking: 1 – 2017

Dropped ten places on the list, but still has strong sports in the city. HV71 is back in the SHL after a year in the Allsvenskan. The Hallby ladies are back in handball’s top league, SHE, and in swimming, Jönköping swim is third in Sweden.

22. (21) Borås, 7 p
Best SBI ranking: 15 -2012

The city’s leading club, Elfsborg, had long fought for gold in the Allsvenskan, but ultimately had to settle for fourth place. The city’s “second team” Norrby also sniffed out the Allsvenskan qualifier for a long time. Biathlete Jesper Nelin is a World Cup resident.

22. (new) Eskilstuna, 7p
Best SBI ranking: 16 – 2017

The smiths again went to the final, but had to settle for silver. In the women’s league, Eskilstuna United took fourth place in the women’s league. Maja Åskag could be Sweden’s next athletics star. Sebastian Larsson has ended his career as a blue and yellow footballer.

25. (23) Leksand, 6p
Best SBI ranking: 10 – 2014, 2016

16,000 inhabitants but year after year exceptional in the world of sport. Both men and women finished eighth in the regular season and reached the hockey playoffs. Filip Forsberg, Sweden’s top scorer in the NHL. The Leksand Lumberjacks won SM gold in baseball.

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