Norwegian disrespect, Lågan’s next step and the Rembrandt of sports journalists

More silly news has been requested on this blog.
I’ll try.

Help is appreciated, because what do I really know? [email protected] is prone to astonishing transitions, rumors, half-truths and outright lies. Everything is swallowed whole. As usual, the evening news’ “salmon in the fist under the table” fare applies to agents who want to sow rumors for their own advantage in negotiations.


Most of the day was spent in Eslöv. Olivia Löfqvists Storhamar eliminated H65 Höör in the European League. There are many things I will remember from this day.

Emma Nuhanovic’s incredible ability was revealed before the eyes of national team captain Axnér. Ebba Leo, who played with Lödde Vikings just over half a year ago and faced Farmen and H43, was one of the best of the home team against one of the ten-twelve (?) best teams of the world. A lot of people said early on how good Alma Skretting would be. But I wonder if Ebba Leo is not more advanced at the corresponding time. And let her stop pulling on the cross strap then…

But most of all, I will miss Ola Månsson’s look. The look you give when you want to, but can’t, heal someone. It was intended for Kenneth Gabrielsen.
59.48 on the board. Storhamar led the match 36-32. The doubles match with a total of 13 balls. The match was long dead. The players walked at half speed. There were twelve seconds left.

Then Kenneth Gabrielsen took a timeout. He was booed by part of the Eslövs audience and received a few Löddeglos from Ola Månsson.

We’re talking about gentlemanly sport here and respect there. Honestly pathetic, I think it was. Of course, the Rams had every right to take a timeout and focus on developing their own team to the limit. But is he a gentleman? Isn’t there an unwritten rule that says you don’t do that?
– Maybe they do that in Norway. We don’t do that in Sweden, Månsson summed up.
Månsson clearly demonstrated his dissatisfaction with Gabirelsen’s measures. He completely screwed up the timeout – and just stared, with poorly concealed contempt, at his opponent. The H65 players stayed on their six-yard line and waited for the last twelve seconds, which only locked the Norwegians in and ran out the clock. If it was a serious timeout, it was a bad timeout. So what was it about? To mark their superiority?

I don’t have an active career that I can talk about (out loud). So please help me. Is such downtime taken for educational purposes – or is it just about being a pig? Maybe someone in Partille can explain it to me?


Storhamer also impressed. So much more speed and physicality compared to Swedish handball.

In the Norwegian league, they and the Vipers are professional and in a class of their own. When they get up to speed, it’s like watching another sport. Eliminated by Odense in the Champions League last season. Maybe they will win the European League this season?


We often talk about sustainability. In the enterprises. In associations. In the confederations.
But is this really followed in practice?

Take any European Cup match. I choose H65 against Storhamar.
Two judges are flying in from Slovakia and a delegate from Iceland. They must be collected and dropped off at the airport. They must live well, eat well and be led from one side to the other.

It’s not just costly for the clubs. It’s not particularly durable. Does it even make sense to send judges and delegates across Europe to this kind of matches?


IK Lågan to Allsvenskan!

Here is what it looks like. Because honestly, who can stop them? Not only have they won seven straight games. They were lazy.

There is much to believe that Lågan can become Scania’s next addition to Sweden’s handball elite, if the two highest leagues are said to be included. And above all: the flame has the conditions to stay there.

One name I would have liked to have in the team next season is Hampus Henningsson. He made it clear that the day he leaves elite handball, the game will be over. But WHEN the Flame rises, I think a persuasion campaign will be launched. After all, Karln has an expiring contract with IFK Kristianstad, which sets him back three million. IK Lågan can become what HK Ankaret should have been. But with better long-term conditions.



In February, the sports journalists’ back dunk gala usually takes place. The golden shield.
It’s a simple event. Two Stockholm pods drink beer and make fun on Twitter, Fotbollsmagasinet Offside is forgotten and Erik Niva wins everything. Niva would have become this year’s Scanian weather presenter if such a category had existed.

This year, the gala should take place, but without nominations.
It must contain one section.
Joel Segerdal, a mixture of Tom Ahland and Rembrandt, is seated on a throne, under a crown and holding a scepter. He wins everything with justification: “In a world where sporting attention is directed towards those who are the best, who think they are the best or who say they are the best, Joel represents the only thing relevant. heart of sport. The purest, the funniest and the most authentic. Everyone can go home.
Kristallen is the “real” TV gala, but here they are busy paying tribute to those who have best copied what someone else has already done. Everything for the LinkedIn feed.

Of all that has been done, the report in the series “Muddy Roots” about Tornedalen’s football uncles is the best.
I think about what I saw that was better, in every context, ever.
The answer: nothing.

The Discovery+ team is the sender. They can take down the Allsvenskan studios and send Joel and his small film crew around the world. I will never get tired of it.

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