Novoli, on September 2, 2023 appointment with 105 Zoo

In Piazza Tito Schipa the DJs of the most popular radio program in Italy

NOVOLI – In the rich basket of Novole summer events, organized by the Council of Associations (Unicum – from August 27 to September 9, 2023), there is also thedate with the DJs of 105 Zoo, the most popular radio program in Italy.

Saturday September 2, from 21.30, in Piazza Tito Schipa, entertainment is guaranteed with Jonny Mele and Martin Klein, who, together with young dancers and entertainers from the same staff of 105, will light up the evening organized thanks to the agreement between the Municipality of Novoli (Department of Tourism and Productive Activities) and the Urban Commercial District (DUC) consisting not only of the Municipality of Novoli, but also of the Municipalities of Trepuzzi, Squinzano and Surbo.

In particular, this initiative is part of a wider project that aims to increase the direct benefits for the commercial operators of the regions and to initiate a process of territorial aggregation to determine the optimal territorial areas for the strengthening and development of DUCs in a logic of efficiency and effectiveness of the funded actions.

“We continue to offer moments of entertainment that can include people of all ages – they declare itTourism Councilor of the Municipality of Novoli, Gianni D’Ambrosio -. On this occasion we will have two well-known personalities from the radio world, an event that integrates with the dates set by the rich calendar of other events, organized by the Consulta delle Associations. As every year, the Municipal Administration led by Mayor Marco De Luca wants to offer citizens not only from Novo but also from neighboring countries opportunities for pure quality zero-kilometer fun.”

Gianni D’Ambrosio is echoed by Roberta Romano, advisor responsible for associations: “We are grateful to the clubs for their valuable cooperation which, with everyone’s commitment, has allowed us to create this rich calendar of cultural events focusing on the beauty of diversity.”

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