Ocean Cruise Records: discover the technical wonders of the sea

While sailors once sailed the oceans for months and years, today the Atlantic crossing can be done in a matter of days. But sailing at high speed wouldn’t be fun. The large ocean liners of several thousand passengers therefore stop on the most beautiful islands of the route, such cruises therefore often last two or three weeks.

By the way, the fastest ships can reach speeds of around 30 knots, i.e. 55 km / h (Queen Mary 2). The largest ocean-going cruise ships like Harmony of the seas or Oasis of the Seas sails at speeds of about 22 knots, or about 41 km / h.

Royal Caribbean’s large ships (pictured in the Allure of the Seas) look like modern parts of big cities.

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Speaking of the bigger ones, the longest of all is Harmony of the Seas with over 362 meters in length. Her sisters from Royal Caribbean Cruises – Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the seas.
Royal Caribbean has eight representatives in the top ten longest ships. The highest of the others is Norwegian escape, which measures over 36 meters in length in the length of the Harmony of the Seas.

The Queen Mary 2 is the fastest ocean liner in the world.

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Harmony of the Seas has a few more notable “bests”. The most interesting is the Ultimate Abyss, the highest water slide in the sea. It looks very impressive. It’s rising at a height of almost 30 m and at its top is a glass floorwhich can be seen down to the sea. Really impressive. And a little icy. A water slide winding over 10 bridges is not something you would see every day.

Load something on the upper deck of Norwegian Escape, he wants a really big crane.

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Around the world in 120 days

These giants transport passengers to the four corners of the world. For example, the Harmony of the Seas very often travels the waters of the Caribbean. It usually departs from Fort Laurdedale, Florida. Then travel with the travelers to the most beautiful beaches and islands in the region. According to the current schedule, passengers can have fun on the beaches of the Bahamas, in St. Martin’s or in Cozumel, Mexico.

For those who want to make their dream come true and take a round-the-world cruise, there are four-month (120-day) record-breaking cruises around the world. During these, the participants usually see each other Pacific paradise like Bora Bora or Fiji, often reach islands off the coast of Africa or Southeast Asia.

Commercial message: Navigate towards exoticism!

CK ESO travel, specialist in Asia, North, South and Central America, the Pacific and Africa, selects from among cruise deals:

Spring across the ocean

Saint-Martin arrives on a white horse, but on the island of Saint-Martin, it is not about snow, but fine and light sand on beautiful beaches. Discover its beauty as well as the economic hub of Central America – Bahamas Nassau or the palm trees and beaches of the US Virgin Islands. You can relax along the way in one of the luxurious cabins of the giant ship Harmony of the Seas.

America’s best

How are the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands different? Large sandy beaches, sun loungers in the shade of palm trees and ideal conditions for diving are in both places, so in fact not so much. But New York and the hustle and bustle of its streets is a whole different experience. Experience the best of America on a twenty-day cruise around America with Queen Mary 2!

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Facts about Queen Victoria o lodi

Not among the biggest, but certainly one of the most original ships in the world Queen victoria. Nobility and style are probably the two most appropriate words to characterize it. The theater hall with dressing rooms, the elegant wood-paneled library, the bars and the restaurants with the discreet styled decoration of this ship have harmonized everything down to the smallest detail.

Let’s look at some numbers and facts about this awesome ship:
• length: 294 m
• width: 32 m
• gross volume: 90,000 t
• capacity: 2014 people
• crew: 900 people
• speed: 23.7 knots (44 km / h)
• number of decks: 16 (12 for passengers)
• Baptism ceremony: 2007
• Country of origin: Italy

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