One person died after fire in Skäggetorp

The alarm came shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday night. The rescue service stays on Sunday mornings and watches when a tin roof needs to be removed from the burnt down attic.

– Oxygen can come in when we lift the roof, and then it can start to burn again, explains Lennart Ågren, internal commander of the emergency services.

As of Sunday afternoon, the police had not yet been able to enter the property to begin a technical investigation and find the cause of the fire.

Great effort

11 rescue units and 22 firefighters rushed to fight the fire that had broken out in an apartment.

By 12:30 a.m., the fire had diminished in intensity.

– It is still burning but has calmed down. The wind is completely burnt out, Daniel Agerhult, internal commander of the rescue service, told SVT Nyheter at the time.

A dead person

As part of the operation, one person was found dead in the building. The person has not been identified, which will take time and forensics will have to do it.

– But a person is missing and we spoke to relatives of that person, explains Monica Bergström, spokesperson for the RLC Police Region East.

Several police officers attended the hospital in connection with the blaze to check for damage from the smoke. None of them should have suffered serious injuries.

A preliminary investigation into the general destruction has been opened.

– We have spoken to several witnesses and would like to talk more about this. There is no natural cause for the fire, police spokesman Dennis Johansson Strömberg said.

Eleven people evacuated

Before midnight, Skäggetorpsskolan was opened, where social services and the volunteer resource group provided support to the victims. All twelve apartments on the fire-ravaged property were evacuated and eleven people were evacuated, real estate company Willhelm said. At 2:00 a.m., however, the so-called security point could be closed with the urgent housing issue resolved, the Municipality of Linköping writes on its website.

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