One Punch Man has revealed a new open world and it’s free

His manga Yusuke Murata he didn’t miss his video games and now he’s coming too One Punch Man: Worlda completely new title free-to-play in development for PC and mobile.

The other video games dedicated to the brave Saitama, where do you find on Amazonmanaged to satisfy fans of the hit manga and anime series, albeit with ups and downs.

Actually A hero that no one knowsone of the last video game productions dedicated to the franchise, there was only one flurry of normal fanserviceas we told you in our review.

And while My hero academia is back with a new mobile chapter that you too will be able to try out soon One Punch Man is preparing to return to the world of video games.

“A terrible wave of monster attacks has put the cities of Earth and the League of Heroes under pressure. However, after three years of special training, Saitama has become so strong that he can defeat opponents with a single punch. The thing is, Saitama plays the hero for fun, but when every enemy is taken down with one punch, the overwhelming power can be a bit…boring. Now, a new enemy appears in front of the strongest and most relaxed hero. Will he be able to show his full strength today?”

One Punch Man: World of Perfect World and Crunchyroll Games is the new one free multiplayer titleso you can already sign up for a beta version at official webpage.

The development team is responsible for Fantasy Towerhis heir Genshin Impactas well as its mobile spin-off Person 5, The Phantom X, and it will come out PC, iOS and Android.

In the game you will obviously have to fend off a wave of enemies and monsters of all kinds in the guise of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes appearing in his comics One Punch Man.

The title will support cross-progression so you can play at any time and switch between platforms with ease and should be out in its final release until 2023.

Speaking of mobile titles, confirmation of itits beta launch Assassin’s Creed Jademobile episode you can try for free soon.

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