open war on fraudsters, news is coming today

War ai cheater su Call of Duty continues, via Twitter Post Activision sends a clear message to dishonest players, urging them to stay connected to learn important news soonThe

In recent years the lack of a anti-fraud system in COD became known, especially in Battle royale Warzone and in the last chapter Black Ops Cold War. The developer has promised to introduce a sophisticated and effective anti-cheat at the end of the year and that moment could have arrived, the appointment given to the scammers could coincide with the arrival – or at least the announcement – of the aforementioned security system against the use of scammers.

In addition, the launch of the new Call of Duty: Vanguard is near us, during the open beta the first scammers have already been seen and Activision may have accelerated the development of software for the timely release of the first day of 2021 chapter Twitter last hours:

Casi rogue,

we love the players, it is our passion.

we are honored to create games for the best fans in the world.

We do not always do things right, but we try to do our best.

The use of scammers spoils the fun for everyone.

Nobody likes scammers.

Our goal is to offer a fun and fair gaming experience.

For our developers. For our fans. And best of all … for Call of Duty players around the world.

Scammers are not welcome. There is no tolerance for fraudsters. You will soon understand what we are talking about.

Call of Duty

Activision’s words are clear and direct, scammers are not welcome and soon there will be strong implications. It seems that the long-awaited anti-cheat system is going to arrive, in the hope that it will prove effective against dishonest players, to solve once and for all the huge problem that has plagued the famous FPS franchise for years.

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