Over a hundred Czechs are heading to the Summer Universiade. Finally, it will be with a typical village, praised the expedition – ČT sport – Czech Television

“At the previous Summer Universiade in 2019 in Naples, we won seven medals, which was a very respectable result. I think we will win at least the same number of medals this year, but I would like it there’s more.” said ČAUS President Ivana Ertlová. “At the same time, I would be happy if we also won a medal in team sports, which we did at the Winter Universiade,” Ertlová said ahead of the event, which is officially called the Games. Summer University World Championships.

From team sports, there will be an opportunity to achieve the goal in ball sports. The Czech Republic has male and female representation in basketball and volleyball.

Czech hopes are once again in the firing line

The main character of the expedition will be sniper sportsman Jiří Přívratský, who has already scored a place for the Czech Republic at the Olympics in Paris, leads the world rankings and will also be the flag bearer at the inauguration ceremony. opening. Reigning gold medalist fencer Martin Rubeš is also part of the Czech team. “But in general, I don’t like to say who we expect medals from. I don’t want to bring them bad luck,” Ertlová smiled.

Nine sports shooters will fly to China. Among them is Pilsen riflewoman Veronika Blažíčková, who won European junior bronze in March. She won a participation spot at the Paris Olympics and also represented the Czech Republic at the last European Games.

“I haven’t experienced the Universiade yet, so I’m curious what it will be like. At the European Games, we shooters were outside Krakow, that is, outside the Czech village and events. We should all be together there,” the 20-year-old shooter watched in an interview for Sportovní právy ČT sport.

“You can say that after six years we are returning to the norm. Even the Universiade, which took place in Naples in 2019, was supposed to be impressive in Brazil. Now, for example, we will have a typical university village” , added the leader of the expedition Ladislav after the announcement of the appointment of Vladyka

“After a long time, it will be a typical Universiade. Everyone will be together. University sports have added value. Students have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and use these contacts not only in the field of sport. , but also in another profession,” Ertlová recalled.

Czech taekwondo also has successes

Taekwondo player Petra Štolbová, who won silver in the category up to 62 kilograms in Krakow, can also think of a medal. His national team colleague, Dominika Hronová, also has ambitions.

“So far I’ve been pretty much second. In addition to the European Games, I’ve also been second at the World and European Championships. So I’ve won the European Under-21 Championship twice. , as well as third place at the Manchester Grand Prix”, Štolbová presented her career, which – as she herself mentions – watching the Rocky film series brought her to taekwondo.

Štolbová also dreams of the Paris Olympics. “We have combined categories, not all of them are Olympic. For me, in the category up to 67 kilograms, there is a chance to go through the rankings, but the top five move forward. I am currently in eleventh place. The second chance is the Olympic qualification, which takes place in March in Germany,” she added.

Compared to the past, the Universiade takes place a month earlier, so athletes often have their championships on similar dates, during which they also fight for a start at the Paris Olympics.

The Chengdu Universiade was supposed to take place in 2021, but it had to be postponed twice due to pandemic measures. The program includes 18 sports, the Czechs will participate in thirteen of them. Due to the postponement of the event, the maximum age was also adjusted, which was raised to 27 years old.

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