Paris starts towards the Games: “always looking for the limit!”

Nineteen World Cup victories, one gold (Are 2019, superg) and one world silver (Schladming 2013, downhill) make Dominik Paris the best blue sprinter ever.

At the Fisi Opening in Milan we find the Val d’Ultimo carabiner in great shape, chattering like never before, ready to face a season where fast and technical tests are balanced.

PREPARATION – “In the summer I worked well, I worked hard, the body responded well, the injury was completely behind me. In skiing we did a good job on the glaciers, we skipped the trip to South America but we found good conditions, with many days of good weather.
Then the spiritual work comes out in the race, there is still some time to start well: my first goal is exactly that, starting from Lake Louise which I also like Beaver Creek, with 6 races in two stages

TRAUMA – “I work a lot on the issue of limit search, last year in some cases I did it, but not always. It takes training and confidence. In terms of strength, the legs are equal, perhaps the most injured. One, in terms of functionality and explosiveness, the leg it must rediscover its limits. “

OLYMPIC GAMES – “… surely many people dream of these medals, a dry race, everything counts, the conditions, the weather, the form. I hope to reach the maximum at that moment. It is a track that no one knows, I have never been to China, will be new, to discover, the country, the resort, the track.
We know that a long route, about 2 minutes and 20, with steep places and a few jumps, including the last one, where you have to be careful because there can be a lot of wind … and cold temperatures. By the way, I usually feel good when I do not know the song! »

SEASONAL OBJECTIVES – “Always the same! Of course, I’ve been approaching the Downhill Cup for quite some time, but I’ve not won it yet! athletes like Pinturault and Odermatt who do well in three or even four disciplines.
This year I hope to improve in the superg, I worked much harder for it, while last year I was mainly dedicated to the downhill.
I think I did a good job, but I still have some time.
In combination I will not do it anymore, I really finished … If they do it like in Korea with a low descent and without difficulty and then design a slalom where even the slalom players do not know how to deal with it, there is no possibility for me.
The giant? Let’s see what happens. “

SITUATION AT TWO HEATS – “At the moment they are not foreseen, but I hope they will not arrive, it seems to me something that is not part of the ski. Certainly not probably to run a shortened race, with a low start, but without exaggerating otherwise the descent is deformed.”

BIBS – “We have a bib system and they are working to change it and there are new proposals. I do not know which system is better, but I hope the FIS and the Organizers are able to prepare the track so well that the bib does not do it” do not count ».

THE SPEED’ – “When you go over 100 km / h, the stimulus is greater than the fear, you have fun and even if there is a lot of respect for the track, for the crossings, for the jumps, you have to try to exceed your limits and that .. . have fun! “

AUDIENCE AND FANS – “I really hope the public will come back, the fans, the sport lives for it, the fans bring us emotions, I hope they can be there and give us even more energy.”

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