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Julia Nordqvist, 21, and Patric Fernqvist, 38, were expecting twins in April.

But Patric Fernqvist, previously father of two, died in a massive accident north of Örebro.

– Patric was the best person in the world. So thoughtful and helpful. It hurts me so much, says his partner Julia Nordqvist.

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Julia Nordqvist, 21 years old, and Patric Fernqvist, 38 years old.

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Patric Fernqvist died in a massive accident north of Örebro.

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Patric already has two children, here his daughter Felicia, 16 years old.

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Along with their brother Jonathan, 18, they are mourning their father and said in a joint statement: “The loss is enormous and we just feel an emptiness.”

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It was on Wednesday morning that an intense snowfall fell in Sweden.

As a result, a car left the road in Mogetorp, two kilometers north of Örebro. Ambulances, emergency services and police attended the scene shortly after 10 p.m.

– Patric was on the road, he slowed down during the accident and stopped. Then, suddenly, a truck came from the opposite direction and hit him, says his companion Julia Nordqvist, who continues:

– I knew something was wrong. I tried to call him in the morning with no answer. Then I understood when I called his colleague.

His first reaction was to rush to the hospital.

– I thought they brought him there. But he died instantly.

The driver was arrested

Three other people were taken to hospital. The driver of the foreign truck is now under arrest for causing the death of others and committing traffic negligence.

– Patric was himself a truck driver and very involved in the “Here Sweden Stops” project. That's why it hurts so much. He fought hard to increase road safety.

The plan involves truck drivers across the country stopping their cars at midday and midnight to protest the risk of accidents on the roads.

Among other things, there was a discussion about foreign truck drivers who are exploited and who do not have valid papers.

This is why Julia Nordqvist wants to talk about Patric and his commitment.

I'm expecting twins

The couple met through mutual friends and immediately fell in love. They now lived together in a house in Vedevåg, Örebro County and were expecting twins in April.

– He was looking forward to us having children. He was the best person in the world, says Julia Nordqvist.

She describes her partner as caring and helpful and says he would make a very good father.

– He took care of everyone around him. That's why I think he would make the best father in the world to our twins.

– It hurts so much and I haven't fully understood yet. I'm still waiting for him to come home. I love him and miss him so much, it will be really hard to be without him. But I believe and hope that he will live on through the children and that he will always be with us and watch over us.

Patric was already the father of two children and is now survived by his son Jonathan, 18, and his daughter Felicia, 16.

– The loss is enormous and we only feel a void, they say in a joint press release after the father's death.

Collection started

Julia works as a personal assistant, but as she is 28 weeks pregnant, she will soon no longer be able to work.

That's why a family friend started a fundraiser for her and the unborn twins after the fatal crash.

– It means so much that there are many people who want to help in the midst of all these terrible things.

The collection has so far brought in around SEK 25,000.

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