Pernilla’s food journey season 2 – All about Pernilla Wahlgren’s TV series

Pernilla and Thomas Sjögren offer the joy of eating

Pernilla Wahlgren and Thomas Sjögren are back with the brand new season 2 of “Pernilla’s food trip”. This time, the irresistible duo take a food trip around the world – back to their home in Sweden.

In a beautiful archipelago, the cuisine creates Pernilla Wahlgren and Thomas Sjogren culinary joy and inspiration, as well as exciting guests such as Nisse Hallberg and Sofia Wood. IN Pernillas matresa season 2, everyone is as crazy about food as Pernilla and Thomas!

The second season of Pernillas matresa offers inspiring cuisine so much so that “viewers may want to devour the TV”, writes Discovery+ in a press release.

Laughter, food, drink, joy and a bit of chaos

In the first season took Thomas Sjogrenrenowned restaurateur and one of Sweden’s top chefs, Pernilla Wahlgren under her wing and trained her to become a fine chef in the kitchen. This time, the popular duo are discovering some of the four corners of the earth together, as they embark on a culinary and global journey back home. In a beautiful kitchen, in an equally charming house in the Swedish archipelago, they create culinary joy with inspiring guests.

– I’m so happy that me and the world’s best starred chef, Thomas Sjögren, will soon be back in the box with Pernilla’s gastronomic journey. We will be offering lots of great food and lots of inspiring guests and chefs. There will be laughter, food, drink, joy and a bit of chaos, he says Pernilla Wahlgren.

– It’s a fantastic pleasure to be back! Pernilla Wahlgren and I cook good, inspiring food with great guests. Culinary pleasure at its best! Said Thomas Sjogren.

Then season 2 of Pernilla’s food journey came out

Pernilla and Thomas are visited by renowned chefs, YouTube chefs, professionals and amateurs. The comedian Nisse Hallberg cooks fine daily meals with Pernilla and Thomas, the culinary influencer Sofia Wood offers the best baked goods in the world and the chef Wichidaporn Chaiyasaengknown since Swedish chef 2019, the duo learn to cook Thai food from scratch. It will be high and low, cheap and expensive, simple and luxurious, recognition and innovation. With a common denominator: Best food!

– We are so happy to see Pernilla and Thomas back in a second season of “Pernilla’s food journey”. This charming duo will invite viewers to passionate yet inspiring culinary joy, lots of laughs and exciting guests. We look forward to another season and a mouth-watering flavorful food journey, says Susanne Soderberg, the matresa of executive producer Pernilla, Warner Bros. Discovery.

La matresa de Pernilla is produced by ITV and airs Tuesday, May 17 at 9:00 p.m. on Kanal 5 or anytime on Discovery+.

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