Perušič and Schweiner started the World Championship with an unexpected defeat, the women won


Update 07/10/2023 7:49 p.m.

Ondřej Perušič and David Schweiner entered the Beach Volleyball World Championship with an unexpected 1:2 defeat to Cuban duo Jorge Alayo and Noslen Díaz. The Czech team did not confirm its role as paper favorite during the Mexican Apizac and lost 17:21, 21:15 and 9:15.

Barbora Hermannová and Mariá-Sára Štochlová initially won 21:14, 17:21 and 15:10 against Paraguayans Erika Bobadillo and Michelle Valiente.

The two number 16 seeds entered the match with a winning ball, but never led again in the first set. He still eliminated the defeat by three points, but from the score of 16:16, the opponent managed the end better. The winners of the recent Pro Tour Elite in Paris decided the second set with four straight points of 9-9, but the Cubans, seeded 33rd, handled the tiebreak better. After an even start, they took a two-point lead, then put the lead 8-6 on display with five straight winning rallies.

“The fact that we started with the Cubans, who we knew were extremely physical, didn’t help us at all today. The match didn’t go the way we wanted, although we managed to break it up in the second set. I chose a very poor match,” he said Schweiner.

“The key to the defeat was our serve, with which we could not push the opponent for most of the match, and several important balls which we did not resolve as we should have,” Perušič said . “The Cubans dominated, they attacked from very high. Many things did not work in our game, which we will have to improve for the next matches,” added the 29-year-old Polar player.

According to the paper’s hypotheses, the second match of Group I did not end either, since the ninth-seeded Brazilians Evandro and Arthur did not even play a set against the local duo of Ricardo Galindo, Isaías Aguirre. The Mexicans will be the Czech team’s next opponent on Monday evening at the SELČ. Among the 12 groups of four, the top two teams plus four of the third places will still go to the playoffs.

Hermannová and Štochlova led by eight points in the first set and won it easily. In the second set, the roles were reversed. At 4:19 p.m., the referees curiously allowed the exchange, initially won by the Czechs, to repeat itself, and the Paraguayans finally equalized. In the tiebreak, the Europeans bounced back with six points in a row at 10:5, and although the South Americans saved three match points, the twenty-one seeds did not let victory take them away. .

Beach Volleyball World Championship in Tlaxcala (Mexico):


Group I:

Alayo, Diaz (33-Cuba) – Pen holder, Schweiner (16-Czech Republic) 2:1 (17, -15, 9), Galindo, Aguirre (40-Mex.) – Evandro, Arthur (9-Brazil.) 2:0 (17, 18).


Group D:

Hermannova, Stochlova (21-CR) – Bobadilla, Valiente (28-Par.) 2:1 (14, -17, 10).

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