Podlasie Children’s University is waiting for young students

130 young people, including 40 from Białystok, participate in the lessons.

Podlasie Children’s University is a project aimed at students in grades 4-6 of primary schools [fot. archiwum Bia24]

Today a conference on the principles of Podlasie Children’s University in the academic year 2021/2022 was held at Białystok University of Technology. It was attended by: the rector of the Białystok University of Technology together with representatives of the magistrate and the marshal’s office, as well as the mayors of Augustów and Siemiatycze. Agreements and declarations of intent on cooperation with the university have also been signed. The city of Białystok has been participating in the BUD project for several years. The Podlaskie Voivodeship has also joined the group of partners of the Children’s University of Podlasie.

– Podlasie Children’s University is an initiative related to the children’s universities of Białystok University of Technology. From the beginning of its existence it enjoys great interest. Since its launch, ie since 2009, more than 1.6 thousand people have participated in the project. little students. During classes, we convince the youngest students that learning does not have to be difficult, but on the contrary, it can be a lot of fun and extremely useful knowledge in life – says Marta Tomiczek from Białystok University of Technology.

Classes are taught by specialists in various fields. Little students get to know the world from another side. The lessons are given in the form of workshops with the active participation of the participants.

– I am happy that the university has returned to its regional form. It already has almost 2 thousand. small graduates, but still enjoys great popularity. There are young people who want to develop their passions and interests, especially in these technical fields, emphasized Dr. eng. Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, Rector of the Technical University of Białystok.

The classes “start” in a full-time form, but if there is a need to switch to a hybrid or remote form of learning, the university is prepared.

– In the academic year 2021/2022, we have planned 130 places for young students. This academic year, in addition to Białystok, we also have the city of Augustów and the city of Siemiatycze in our project. We have prepared 15 interesting lessons through which our youngest students will learn the secrets of science and technology – said Dr. hab. eng. Jarosław Szusta, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Project Coordinator.

Recruitment will start on November 3. It will be held in electronic form. Pupils from groups 4, 5 and 6 of primary school can register. The order of applications will decide on admission. And in the case of Augustów and Siemiatycze, the recruitment will be carried out by local authorities in consultation with primary schools.

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