Police search for bicycle looking for killer

Gunilla Broman, head of the preliminary investigation, said this at today’s press conference:

– The investigation has been going on for nearly a week and we believe we have a good understanding of the unfolding of events on the site.

Specifically, however, the police do not want to say how the shooting unfolded. Neither what weapons were used nor how many shots were fired.

The victims were two boys aged 15 and 16. One died the day after the shooting and the other’s condition is described by police as stable.


– This is another example of the evolution of society where an attacker does not hesitate to shoot in broad daylight among people, explains deputy head of the investigation Jan Staaf.

Linköping police have been reinforced in the form of interrogators. Currently, the investigation is focused on gathering information, including in the form of questioning, from witnesses.

The two complainants were comrades from before. However, the police do not want to respond if it has been clarified that the crime is gang related. Not even if the shots were intended to hit only those victims.

Fat bike

When asked if there was a risk of retaliation, Staaf replied that “you never know how the people in the immediate environment of the victims will react”.

Police are also asking witnesses for more information to find out where the assailant went after the incident. It is clear, however, that it was probably on a fat bike type bike and that it was in the direction of the Brasken Bridge.

It is also clear that at least one attacker must have been captured in a photo. However, it is not certain that this is only an author.

Unclear pattern

Even the motive for the incident is still unclear.

– We are not locked into a specific motive. Without that and what the perpetrator, or the people, had in mind before and after the incident, that’s what we’re now trying to find out, says Jan Staaf.

The investigations into the previous killings and shootings in Linköping were not carried out by those who attended the press conference today.

– But we work closely with those who care for them.

Police do not want to comment on the person who was captured, as they believe it could affect future witness statements. No suspect has been arrested for the shooting.

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