Predator Jesse Ventura challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger to a bottle of champagne

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his impressive physique his trademark. His past as a bodybuilder has definitely favored him in being the most muscular guy in the room. Apparently on the set of it Predator had performed a real challenge with co-star Jesse Ventura.

It seems that as a trophy there was a bottle of champagne. According to some rumors, in fact, Ventura, while the film was being shot, had learned from the tailor’s shop to have a larger arm size than Schwarzenegger. Even during the auditions it seems that the idea was to use a famous face from the world of action in Predator. Steven Seagal narrowly missed out on the lead role to his Austrian colleague.

Ventura, proud of being able to surpass Schwarzenegger in physical form, proposed a challenge by measuring the thickness of the muscles in his arms. The battle, mostly a scrimmage, put a bottle of expensive champagne at risk. When the “measurement” was done, it was realized how much the Austrian actor was actually more muscular than his colleague. It seems, in fact, that Schwarzenegger had planned the whole thing by telling the tailoring department to contact Ventura, in the spirit of fun, the wrong size of his clothes.

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