Press review 14.10.2021 Karpacz, see yesterday’s press, discover the most important information from Karpacz

We have prepared a morning press for you. See the articles our readers read the most yesterday, 10/14/2021, in Karpacz. Check that nothing important has escaped you. Did you read the article: “It’s a rainy autumn in Karpacz and a white and freezing winter in Śnieżka. These are the last pictures of the Karkonosze mountains ”?

Prasówka Karpacz 14.10: the 3 best articles of yesterday

Here is a list of the most popular news from yesterday. Have you had the opportunity to read them all?

?? It is a rainy autumn in Karpacz and a white and frosty winter in Śnieżka. Here are the latest pictures of the Karkonosze mountains

A week ago, tourists to the Karkonosze mountains enjoyed a beautiful sunny autumn. Today, going to reach the peaks of Karkonosze, we can admire the winter landscape. When it snows in Karpacz and the leaves of the trees are covered in colorful colors, it is freezing and windy in the higher parts. The trails are covered with a thin layer of snow and ice.

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Prasówka 14.10 Karpacz: other events

Below we feature other articles that caught the attention of Karpacz readers yesterday. What was so important that you couldn’t take your eyes off it?

?? The new headquarters of the Miłków Special School Complex is ready. Students will have classes here soon

From November 1, students at the Miłków Special Schools Complex will attend classes in the new headquarters, which has been officially opened. It is modern, comfortable and safe. For this purpose, the management of the Miłków Retirement Home has made Pavilion B available, which, after renovation, has become a friendly place for charges.



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