Press review 15.10.2021 Ustka, see yesterday’s press release, find out the most important information from Ustka

We have prepared a morning press for you. See the articles our readers read most readily yesterday, October 15, 2021, in Ustka. Check that nothing important has escaped you. Have you read the article: “Farmers. Podlasie. The hero of the series will be brought to justice. Is he accused of harassing a dog ”?

Ustka press magazine 15.10: top 3 of yesterday’s articles

Here is a list of the most popular news from yesterday. Have you had the opportunity to read them all?

?? Farmers. Podlasie. The hero of the series will be brought to justice. He is accused of harassing a dog

The protagonist of the Focus TV series “Farmers. Podlasie” will soon be brought to justice. Kamil T. has been charged with harassing a dog. On the farm, he used an animal to keep livestock. In June of this year, the extremely neglected dog was taken from him and taken to a temporary home.

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Prasówka 15.10 Ustka: other events

Below we feature the other articles that caught the attention of Ustka readers yesterday. What was so important that you couldn’t take your eyes off it?

Ustka Primary School No.3 has a banner! A beautiful and touching ceremony (Photos)

Thursday, in Ustka, took place the ceremony of blessing and handing over of the banner at the primary school n ° 3 of Ustka. With the school, they celebrated the cessation.



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