Press review 20.10.2021 Zielona Góra, see yesterday’s press release, find out the most important information from Zielona Góra

We have prepared a morning press for you. See the articles that our readers read most readily yesterday, 10/20/2021, in Zielona Góra. Check that nothing important has escaped you. Have you read the article: “Seniors can – or learn to use digital devices”?

Zielona Góra press magazine 20.10: top 3 of yesterday’s articles

Here is a list of the most popular news from yesterday. Have you had the opportunity to read them all?

📢 Senior can – i.e. learn to use digital devices

Introductory computer workshops for seniors are essential today. The development of technology requires the learning of new skills and the acquisition of skills.

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📢 Facebook’s new name coming next week?

Facebook is considering changing the name of its company and that is due to happen next week – reports The Verge, citing its sources. The change is linked to the “Metaverse” project, which consists of combining the functionalities of virtual and augmented reality.

Zielona Góra. Another investment in Stary Kisielin. I will build a city shelter at the fire station!

According to the Zielona Góra municipal office, a new shelter is due to be built this year in the Stary Kisielin district, near the fire station, where there are now benches. The investment will be made from the village council fund for an amount of approximately PLN 80,000. zloty. Design and supervision Mariusz Świątek is responsible for the project.

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Prasówka 20.10 Zielona Góra: other events

Below we present other articles that caught the attention of Zielona Góra readers yesterday. What was so important that you couldn’t take your eyes off it?

Babimost. Wall painting like a photo. There are real Wielkopolska insurgents there

An unusual fresco was produced in Babimost, dedicated to the insurgents of Wielkopolska. These are people specific by name and first name who took part in this victorious fight. It was created on a private building by the famous artist Jarosław Fabiś.



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