Punch against the referee: demolition in the lower house

Because a kicker from the local referee Alfred Front rewinder attacked with a punch, the game was called off with the score of 0: 2 for the guests.

The background: Franckviertel got a free kick in the 43rd minute, the fouled player demanded a yellow card for the culprit. Shared this view Front rewinder no: What is the kicker supposed to have asked the referee, “Do you have tomatoes on your eyes?” Other ugly words are said to have been spoken – the result was the red card for the home team player.

Then it got really wild: the player attacked the referee with a blow to the stomach area. The match was abandoned after the referee thought about it for a moment. “It was certainly not as wild as it was shown, but of course we dismissed the player immediately after the game,” said Franckviertel sporting director Robert Wagner.

No racist insults

Various media reports, according to which referee Vorderwinkler should also have been racially insulted, invalidated the Franckviertel official. “Racist remarks were certainly not made. The player in question is himself from an immigrant background.” Referee Vorderwinkler’s official match report also confirms that there were no racist slurs.

Despite the incident, both teams would have liked to finish: “Both teams agreed that we would have liked to finish. But it is also clear to me that if the referee is insulted, the rules will not allow the game to continue”, said Urfahr -Section chief Markus Ecker, who expects a 0: 3 criminal check for his team.

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