Radio Newspaper – The lion of Ladispoli and the exploitation of animals for pure entertainment

Edited by Ferruccio Bovio

The story of the lion that escaped from a circus in Ladispoli and was then captured after a seven-hour escape through the streets and houses of the city in Lazio brings to our attention the issue of the exploitation of wild animals, for the purpose of pure entertainment, for an audience that it seems indifferent to how lions, tigers or elephants accept the prospect of an existence completely inside a cage. In general, circus trainers and entrepreneurs maintain that, in their structures, all large mammals live in conditions of absolute comfort, with guaranteed food without having to hunt and very careful veterinary assistance. However, we have to ask these gentlemen how they would feel if they had to spend every hour of the day (and forever) in a house where there are real star chefs cooking and the biggest doctors in the medical room are there. world, but in which – at the same time – the movement space is limited to a cell of ten square meters, without even the classic time of free exit recognized for all prisoners. God forbid if the circus didn’t take care of its most valuable attractions…but, even so, it remains really hard to believe that those who are undoubtedly sentient creatures do not experience, just like us, the primal need to be able to to live outside unnatural limitations.

So it does not seem anachronistic to you that, precisely in a world in which in recent years an animal sensibility has increasingly asserted itself, the ancient practice of using human beings still remains – as a legacy of a past that takes us back to the Colosseum’s Living Beings otherwise by us for profit and entertainment purposes?

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November 16, 2023

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