Read Whatsapp messages without telling the sender

who in , Facebook Messenger and many other chat tools read a message, by default send the sender a read receipt. In Whatsapp, this can be recognized by the fact that both checkmarks on a message turn blue for the sender. Of course, it also works the other way around, when you send a message you can also tell by the blue ticks if the message has already been viewed.

How to read chat messages without the recipient noticing. Works for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger & Co.

However, this can be avoided with a trick. Because Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, as well as other messengers, send a new message with the full text to the recipient’s smartphone. Thus, to view the message without triggering a read receipt, simply switch to airplane mode. As soon as the Wi-Fi connection and mobile data are cut off, you can read the message without noticing it. The sender only finds out when you exit airplane mode. In most systems, a character in the info line lets you know that a message has arrived.

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