Rebekka Reinhard Makes AI Magazines Not Only Tech Nerds Understand

Editor-in-chief Rebekka Reinhard wrote for the First edition of the man AI experts from global technology centers gathered, who in interviews and guest contributions discuss the opportunities but also the risks of AI. “We speak a language that is not for tech nerds, but that everyone understands,” says Reinhard.

According to the Munich publisher Holderstock Media, human is “the first German-language magazine that deals with the effects of artificial intelligence on the economy, politics, society and culture”. It is aimed at anyone wishing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by AI and learn more.

Rebekka Reinhard on the concept:

“human sees itself as a must-have premier medium for anyone who (will) work and live with AI. human brings together the most interesting minds from business, science and technology and builds a unique bridge between different fields and disciplines.” The magazine sees itself as a guiding platform for exchange, dialogue and debate.

The first edition shows how it can work: the economist Prof. Birger Peter Priddat describes the effects of AI on business management, philosopher Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer explains why human intelligence is superior to artificial intelligence, Tina Klüwer, head of the Artificial Intelligence Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Center in Berlin, focuses on the opportunities of artificial intelligence. Silicon Valley AI expert George A. Tilesch explains why the moratorium on voice AI development demanded by Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak makes no sense. American AI researcher Daron Acemoğlu, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, argues for a humanistic vision of AI, while Parisian AI expert Denis Rothman conceives the future vision of people who delegate their thinking to external providers. Technology evangelist Mina Saidze launches a debate on the values ​​of AI, philosopher and literary scholar Hannes Bajohr, who teaches at Zurich University of the Arts, describes how he writes literary texts with artificial intelligence.

To no one

Rebecca Reinhard

Reinhard obtained his doctorate in 2001 from the Free University of Berlin. The freelance philosopher and former deputy editor of the philosophy magazine Hohe Luft has been working since 2007 internationally as a lecturer and consultant for companies in all industries. His preoccupation with digitalization and AI grew out of his interest in the epistemology and philosophy of feelings. Reinhard is known, among other things, as the host of the podcast “What do you say?” from the science book company wbg, which established itself between 2020 and 2022 as the German non-fiction podcast with the widest reach. The best-selling Spiegel author has published numerous titles. The most recent publications are “The Headquarters of Responsibilities” (Ludwig, 2022) and “Geld & Geist” (wbg Theiss, 2023).

background: human will be published twice this year in July and November, and four times a year from 2024. The magazine is available on newsstands for 12.80 euros.

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