Reggio Calabria, holes and fun: a little girl from Pistoia sees a puddle for the first time and jumps into it

The surprise of a little girl from Pistoia when she first saw a puddle created in a hole in the road: the little girl enjoys playing with one of the distinctive features of Reggio Calabria

It is really true that the world that children’s eyes see is always more beautiful, or maybe it is the adults who, as they grow up, lose the magic and emphasize the negative aspects of everything. A practical example. Reggio Calabria, holes μι rain: 3 words that make citizens tremble. When it rains, traffic jams occur, water stagnates in the streets and real rivers are created. In some areas the beech, scattered throughout the city, they turn into real lakes. And for children they become an occasion of miracle and fun. A grandmother wrote to its authors StrettoWeb sending the photo used as the cover of the article. This is his granddaughter, fallen Pistols, who had never seen a puddle in her young life: the little girl enjoyed jumping inside and playing with the splashes of water. “A simple photo today depicts Reggio Calabria. My granddaughter comes from Pistoia and did not know potholes. What a lucky little girl“The lady’s comment. However, one thing should be emphasized: but how strange is Pistoia ?! Is it normal not to have a single hole in the road and to have never seen carpets full of water in the utter indifference of those who have to take care of maintenance? Come on, you do not seem to live in the same Country…

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