Report cards, the result: Here’s how Men’s Handball League clubs fared in the 2022/23 season

Newsletters. Photo: Bildbyrån/Editing

The Handball Channel asked the questions and the players from the Men’s Handball League had their say. Here we give you the ratings that players gave to their own associations based on last season.

Players were given the opportunity to answer questions in no less than six main categories, and for each main category the majority of questions were included, all in order to be able to provide a sufficient basis for assigning a score to each club in function on the mentioned categories.

Note that the percentage figures represent the number of players who answered “5” or “6”, i.e. the second highest or highest rating in the respective category.

Players had to answer questions related to the following main categories: service and benefits, food and travel, injuries and rehabilitation, quality of education and training, physical premises as well as summary and general impression.

Here are the players’ ratings on how they lived last season at the club they played for:

Photo: Bildbyrån/Editing

Do you have questions about the survey? Send an email to [email protected].

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