Rescue of Czech climbers in Pakistan is complicated. They must wait in the freezing cold

“The location of the (climbers) was successfully identified from the helicopter,” journalist Vadží Haidir told ČTK.

Rescuers returned to base in the morning after finding the trio and started again with a team of climbers, who landed on Mount Rakaposhi even though the weather was cloudy, Haidir said.

The rescue team is led by climber Abdul Joshi. Summoned army helicopters have a range of 6000 meters, but climbers have Camp III at 6900 meters. The helicopters therefore had to be transported by the rescue team to the base camp or to an upper camp, from where the team would reach the Czechs. The event was complicated by bad weather, the weather was cloudy.

The trio got stuck three days ago as they were coming down the mountain. The helicopter rescue operation was interrupted by bad weather, including strong winds, even on Sunday.

“They camped at an altitude of 6,900 meters, where they have been for two days. While Nagrí is in good condition and remains in contact with us, one of the Czech climbers suffers from frostbite and the other is ill.” “Pakistan Mountaineering Club secretary Karar Haidri said.” The place is around minus 30 degrees Celsius.

One of the rescuers said he saw a Pakistani man and one of the Czech climbers walking and working around the tent.

Rakapoši peak


Climbers will likely need to descend to Camp II, where a ground rescue team could reach them. The problem is that they apparently used a new path to the top, so it’s not clear where the ropes are stretched and where the camps are set, Haidri said. “Climbing without permission complicates the bureaucracy of rescue operations,” he added.

Raja Nasir Ali Khan’s regional government tourism minister wrote on Twitter that the Czechs left without government permission, which he said was unethical.

Nagri became only the second Pakistani to stand on top of Rakaposhi Mountain in Karakoram. Rakapoši is the 27th highest mountain in the world. The locals also call her Dumani, the mother of clouds. Among climbers it is considered one of the most difficult to climb, from base camp to summit it is necessary to overcome the drop of 5,000 meters. The mountain was first conquered by Britons Mike Banks and Tom Patey in 1958.

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