Richard Hammond’s vehicles will be auctioned. Funds will go to new businesses

“How ironic that I am supporting my new classic car restoration project by selling part of my own collection, but it’s not a waste,” said Richard Hammond. “I do this with sorrow because these vehicles have great sentimental value for me, but will fund the future expansion of the company and bring many other classic cars back to life,” he explains. In total, there are up to 8 vehicles.

Richard Hammond mainly sells motorcycles

What “Hamster” gems have fallen into the hands of Silverstone Auctions salespeople? On Sunday August 1, at “The Classic Sale” auction, not only will the cars go under the hammer, but also the vintage motorcycles that Hammond bought for his birthday (after all, we say we offer ourselves the best gifts). The 1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4 appeared in the British presenter’s garage on the 40th, and the 2019 Norton Dominator 961 Street Limited appeared on the 50th.

From the collection of two-wheelers by Richard Hammond, you can also bid on the Moto Guzzi Le Mans motorcycle from 1977 and two real museum exhibitions. One of them dates from 1927 and looks more like a bicycle with an engine attached – it’s the Sunbeam Model 2. The other is a bit closer to the modern image of a motorcycle, although it is only 5 years younger – that’s the Velocette KSS.

Richard Hammond’s cars

Classic car fans should also be interested in the Silverstone Sunday auction. To date, it will be possible to own, for example, the 1999 Lotus Esprit Sport 350 limited to only 48 copies of its year (1969). The last car to go on sale was the 1959 Bentley S2 luxury, which did require some “paint repairs”, however.

Hammond tears his eyes out of his “gems,” but thanks to it in The Smallest Cog garage, many other wonderful classics will be given a new lease of life. We will be able to watch it in a new documentary series with the working name “The Richard Hammond Workshop”, which will debut in the fall. Plus, the Briton still has so many amazing “specimens” in his collection that he will surely quickly forget the eight he sacrificed for business development.

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