Robert Lewandowski has started a new business! He collaborates with one of the richest Poles

The restaurant is located in the Warsaw Wola, more precisely at ul. Grzybowska 56. This is Warsaw’s former brewery district – now a revitalized space.

– Robert was with us on Monday. He met the employees, saw what the facility looked like just before it went into service. The idea of ​​creating this restaurant was born over three years ago. 370Studio took care of the interior fittings. We, all three shareholders, also talked about the interior design of the place and everyone participated in its creation. Robert gave us his comments and advice – said Trybuchowski.

– The entire restaurant is located on four levels. The Sports Bar is on level minus one. On the next two there is a restaurant and on the last – fourth – the so-called Fan Zone, where there are sports stalls. We will broadcast sporting events there, especially with Robert, but not only. From the stands it will probably not yet be possible to watch the game between Poland and San Marino, but at the bar and in the restaurant – he added.

There are a lot of souvenirs in the newly opened premises. They are also associated with Robert Lewandowski, but also with many other outstanding Polish sportsmen.

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There are, for example, Robert’s shoes, in which he scored his 41st Bundesliga goal against Augsburg last season, thus improving the record that still belonged to Gerd Mueller. There is a jersey in which he scored four goals against Real Madrid for Borussia Dortmund. There are shoes and clothes in which Irena Szewińska won medals, they were handed to us by Mrs. Irena’s husband, Mr. Janusz, last week – informed.

Instead you can also see two gold medals from our 2014 world championship volleyball players, there are also Kamil Stoch’s skis, on which he won the Olympic title. Last Friday, a copy of the Kazimierz Górski statuette from the Warsaw Sports Museum was also deposited there.

According to Lewandowski’s business partner, there will be even more new and precious memories. The dream of the shareholders is that some of them are put up for auction.

– We want to auction them off for charity. We already know for whom, but we don’t want to reveal it yet. We are planning the first auction in January. We want those memories to rotate, so that each year we can receive new ones. We have a plan to make memories of them, above all, of Polish sportsmen, Trybuchowski said.

The Sports Bar has already opened on Monday and the Nine’s restaurant is scheduled to open on Tuesday. A ceremony with the participation of Robert Lewandowski and guests is scheduled for November.

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