Rome Naples, Guidolin: “Great balance. Osimhen and Zaniolo the main men »

Former coach Francesco Guidolin analyzed the type of match that could be Rome-Naples

Francesco Guidolin, former Italian coach and now DAZN commentator, in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport spoke ahead of the big match between Roma μι NaplesThe

BALANCE – “We will see a good game if they play it open and it will be fun. Both have a chance to beat the opponent. “Balance is the real protagonist of this meeting.”

BATOSTA ROME – “The first thing I have to say: Mourinho did very well to develop the second lines. There are a lot of commitments, the away game was demanding from a climatic point of view and also because of the synthetic soil: it is right to give space to those who have had less so far. “Second point: Roma must quickly forget the defeat in the cup, also because it does not endanger the team’s progress and start with Torino’s excellent performance against Juve.”

ROME – “I do not have the freedom to make proposals to Mourinho. I just say that Giallorossi should not have fears, they can play at the same level as Napoli. It is a team, that of Mou, that has a great balance. And then there is an offensive quartet of remarkable quality. It is they with the movements and sudden accelerations that should trigger the challenge. I’m glad Zaniolo did not do anything serious. It is catastrophic: no one has their accelerations. He will act alongside Mario Rui and it will not be easy to control him. The left midfielder should give a hand to Mario Rui to slow down Zaniolos “.

RED YELLOW DEFENSE – “Roma is compact, My children move in groups; There may have been moments of low cohesion, but it is a tough team that will satisfy the fans. The important thing is not to give too much depth to Osimhen. The defensive line must be able to go up when needed and “run away” when, on the other hand, opponents are playing with the ball open. But the whole team is invited to a collective project “.

NAPLES GAME – «Napoli is strong because it can play any kind of game. It has ductile elements capable of dribbling, slowing down or accelerating the maneuver, pushing high and leaving with fast triangles in the strait. I think, for example, the chain formed by Insigne and Mario Rui, or Lozano’s works if Spalletti will take him out on the pitch. Usually, after a quick hold on the trocar, you look for the pocket for the central striker. “Osimhen has time to play on the sidelines against Roma defenders.”

UNIVERSAL MIDFIELDERS – “It simply came to our notice then. In the sense that they know how to do different things: they drive the ball, throw, pass, enter, and even shoot at the goal. Fabian Ruiz controls the maneuver, dribbles and catches the Anguissa that is launched into space. “Here Mou’s midfielders should prevent him from joining, double immediately, perhaps with the release of a central player.”

CAUTION – “Great attention to the accelerations of Zaniolo. And on the other side is Mkhitaryan who always comes in the middle to play between the lines. And then there is Abraham, and he is not slow either. Keeping the back high is essential, as is the pressure in each area of ​​the court. If you annoy the opponent, for example the Veretout he sets, the pass will not be clear and this is an advantage for the defenders. Therefore, Fabian Ruiz will have the opportunity to attack and retreat, as if he were a rubber band. And when the ball crosses the first barrier, then you have to rely on the abilities of the individuals. And Napoli has Koulibali, the best in Europe “.

MEN KEY – “On the one hand, Osimhen for the way he played the role of center forward. And on the other hand Zaniolo, because his tears are deadly “.

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