Ronaldo’s downfall is a sad story. He should have left with dignity, head held high, thinks Fukal

“I still believe in France in Qatar, I predicted they would go through England, even if Kane converted the penalty,” former Czech international Milan Fukal said in his World Cup commentary.

Ronaldo’s downfall is a very sad story. It’s painful to see how a player who was one of the best footballers in the world for twenty years, won four Ballons d’Or, loses his place in the club and the national team in one season. His end is a small sporting tragedy. It’s waiting for everyone, it’s finding the moment when it can’t go any further, leaving completely with your head held high, or withdrawing with dignity to a lower level. It’s hard to guess, he didn’t succeed.

Like I said – sad story.

I had predicted that a team from a continent other than Europe or South America would penetrate further, but I did not expect Morocco to fight for medals. However, when I see his game full of enthusiasm and energy, his quality, it does not surprise me. And it’s no surprise that its players are mostly born and raised in Europe. These are boys who had to push themselves from an early age in huge competition as they wanted to make themselves visible in life through sport. They had a chance and they took it.

I had predicted that France would defend the title. Already before the championship. I thought he would pass anyone, anyway, in the quarter-finals because he benefits from the experience. He has a quality that he can spread throughout the team. Despite England, although others trusted him more. I still say that the French would have won the match even if Kane had converted the second penalty.

The English have taken the right path, at the Euros last year they have yet to show football that matches the eye of the beholder, in Qatar they have also surprisingly improved in this direction. The demands on them were great, but in the end they did not fulfill them. But why? Because the opponent was better, more mature, solved the details better. However, I didn’t have England among the teams expected to win the league from the start.

Anything can happen in the semi-finals with Morocco, that’s the nature of knockout matches. However, I don’t expect France not to win by one goal, their offensive power is enormous. Giroud is asserting himself, but he has been performing very well even in a club for a long time. It is said of Mbappé that he is already the best striker in the world, but I see his peak in two years. It would be bad if he didn’t grow up. Morocco will torment the favorite, against Mbappé Hakimi will not be less fast, but the quality is clearly on the side of France.

I’m not a big fan of Brazil, but they played football that the fans appreciate. I admit that I expected Croatia to eliminate him a bit, they have the experience of the last World Cup which they sold at the right time. South Korea played open football against Brazil, it’s not possible, the Croats were smarter and succeeded.

In my opinion, Brazil’s time will come in four years in America. When his promising youth matures and the national team removes the details that have taken their revenge this year. The team has huge potential and I don’t think Neymar will miss it. Thirty-four is not an age, as it turned out in Qatar.

After all, I admire older players, how they have maintained their performance. It surprises me given the time when everything is faster, more intense, we play a lot more matches, the fatigue is considerable. They prove that they have taken good care of their bodies throughout their careers and that they have done everything 100%. I will only mention names like Pepe, Dani Alves, Modric, Giroud and I could go on.

I repeat, admirable.

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